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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 11/20 Issue title Inconsistent Damage Steps to reproduce Combat Spiders and Nests switching between Spear and Tentacle Spike then engage a Tree Guard as detailed below. Describe your issue I didn't write down my version and am not near a machine that has Steam currently, but it is the current version as of the morning of 11/20. All done with Wilson (1st character) I have been tracking damage by recording the number of swipes of a spear it takes to kill creatures. I normally see the following results: Spider 2 Large Spider Nest 20 Tree Guard 40 I recently acquired a Tentacle Spike and decided to try it out. I noticed it seems to provide a 30% reduction in number of swipes (similar to the 4th character) which would give: Spider 2 Large Spider Nest 14 Tree Guard 28 I noticed the spike has 100 "uses" so I was trying to cleanly use it up and performed the following (switching between weapons where mentioned: Spike: 12 Spiders + Large Nest (24+14 = 38 uses) Spike: 12 Spiders + Large Nest (24+14 = 38 uses) Spear: 1 hit on nest Spike: 4 Spiders (8 Uses) Spear: 1 hit on nest Spike: 4 Spiders (8 Uses) Spear: 1 hit on nest Spike: 4 Spiders (8 Uses) This completely used up the spike, I did not have any others in my inventory Spear: Finish nest (17 Uses) Next I engaged a Tree Guard with the spear (my only weapon) and was able to kill it in 28 uses. I would expect it to have been 40 uses. It seemed like the damage bonus from the spike was still in effect, but it didn't seem to be in effect during the nest fight. It did switch to dusk during the fight but finished before night (if the tree guard's hp are based on time of day or something)