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  1. yes i already saw that and loved it ^^Except... when i come back to my camp with my little companions dancing around me, a... what s the name ? (a berry eater ?) come and eat my mandrakes !!!!!!!!!!!!!Then i killed this fuc**** mandrake eater bas*** !oh i notice something too...One time i ve found a mandrake and let it follow me to my camp, then, the day after, i ve done the same with an other one and when we arrive to my camp, it killed my other mandrake...
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Steam save, life down Steps to reproduce Wait for a new day to begin (steam save) then quit the game and lauch it again. Click on continue. Describe your issue When your game is saving on steam version (new day beginning) and you quit the game, i have reentered it and my char was really close to die although when i left it, its health was full... I told me : "wwwoooowww, something wrong" and have gone quickly to eat some berries... and... all was back. My health and stomach was full with just one berry eating... Strange
  3. Me ? Neither... but she ? Well... Sometimes i wonder why i m always here with her when i see her seducing all that look like someone else and then... she remembers me I already told it in my thread but the subject is not "how to move" but "how to keep running" That's why i m talking about a key to continue your "moving action" Perhaps for you ^^ but suggestions are here to explains what people could need (and my GF seems to need it, so i ask it )
  4. Or just wait to play with the girl char as she makes fire automatically when she stays in the dark... (i love her as she can put fire everywhere )
  5. Hi, i've searched on posts if someone asked it before and maybe someone did but i did'nt find it... A nyway, you know that you can move by two ways : - Mouse click - z,q,s,d on panel but sometimes that s very boring to let your fingers doing all... That's why my GF told me yesterday : "you know sweet heart (yes, she always calls me like this ), you would ask the devs about something like a key to continue running in the direction you want" For example, one key-press on "z" could let our avatar running north of screen and an other "z" key-press could stop the run I m sure she would enjoy it and thank you a lot (and she has a gift to thank people )
  6. Yes i know it :'( That explains why my gf wants to kill me every evening when i take my PC from her hands to play too ! I ve tried to give her the game on steam but... as she has a mac...
  7. if you explain me how to have the steam key, i can exchange it for a chrome one
  8. Ok ok, i ve seen many threads about it and you certainly know that i m always speaking to make this game harder because i love challenging and trying to find the best way to survive even with poetry That s why after reading a recent post, i ve seen a man telling that at 14 days he had all to survive and become invulnerable... He is true ! If you work correctly, you can have all you need really quickly (burning spiders nest, creating crops, ...). And then you obtain your living place That s why i really think that sometimes, disasters, seasons, or natural things could come to challenge you to change your living spot or actions. Here some ideas : Forest fire : Why not firebugs/fireflies that could just fly at night here or there and put fire to what they could touch ? Their localisation would change each night (just to stay in a poetic world ;p) Erosion : Water is always doing its stuff, changing our world. Then we could imagine that islands could change more or less in time. For example, they could navigate or being destructed by time or at the contrary, becoming bigger or changing their forms... (in a poetic world, we could imagine that this would be done by lot of little fishes eating the islands ^^) Architect animals : I really imagine a little mole that could go here and there and would eat lot of things on the ground like plants, vegetables, meat and sometimes could create some. Robber : In the same way, a magpie could steal all bright objects it finds on ground (and that you would let stupidly ;p) and brings them in its nest. Pests : I love the idea of having some mosquitos clouds or hornets somewhere that could appear and search for a place to live for nesting and attacking living creatures around generating damages. Surely you could destroy the nests with fires but be sure they would attack you severely except with... i let it to crazy developper minds ^^ And even more...
  9. Hey i ve seen that we can play it on mac with chrome ! That s a good news But there s soemthing i can t understand... Can we find the product key on steam version ? Because i ve bought twice on steam and i want the second key for my gf on her chrome mac version... is this possible ?
  10. +1 with Toaster I m not fond of this... I really prefer things like mounting frogs, tallbirds or... pigs ?
  11. Good news because i can't just touch my PC anymore... my GF is always on playing this **** game because she only has a mac (and what about me ? I want to cut grass and pick berries too ? )
  12. Don't know ^^ i survived 45 days in my first game... so new players can success (ok ok, now i don't pass the 24 days and it gets on my nerves )
  13. Really i love this idea, the visual and difficult aspects it would offer are so amazing and i m totally agree with Wasserstern about the seasons change ! It would be really a "plus" if the seasons won't change in one minute like "in the sims" but would change like days and night with a "between both" of a few days. Nethertheless, lot of players told that they want to begin in spring... and i don't think it could be great. I really prefer the fact to enter the world in a totally hazardable season. It would offer a more risky playability for this game and help the player to totally change his vision of "how to survive". Imagine if you begin the game and it's winter... no berries, maybe a few seeds, no carrots and vegetables... and you have to survive 7-10 days before it changes... What a cool challenge ! Then you have to find other ways like becoming more aggressive : killing animals, monsters, maybe fishing if you do a fire near water to open it, etc... I really love that idea !
  14. After trying it : Mandrake restore all when cooked (vitality and food)And an amazing thing : when you cook it, the time is changing from night to day or from day to night (depending on when you are doing it)