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  1. Seems like theirs an issue with Intel Graphics & Don't Starve. I hope they get it fixed Soon :/, hopefully the next update in 7 days will have the bugfix in it?, i hope they also do something about getting keys off of steam to, i think that you should get a key for playing online on Chrome if you buy it from steam.
  2. The Test Build didnt work for me either, instead of a white screen its a big black box that doesnt respond And yes, i have an Intel Graphics Card.
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Cannot Launch Game Steps to reproduce Try to Start the Game Describe your issue I bought Don't Starve off of steam, and i sent the copy to a friend and we both downloaded it, his worked fine, but when i tried to start mine using my desktop icon it would say (one of the pictures below), if i started it from the play button in steam it would just be a white box for a second and disappear, not to mention my desktop is a little earth when it is supposed to be Wilson's head, btw my friend showed me his screen of him playing it via skype, so i know it should work. So i got a picture of the icon, the message that pops up when i use the desktop link, and the property sheet for the link, if i replace the name of the shortcut to rungameid219470 (dont starve) it changes the symbol of the link to wilsons head, but it still doesnt do anything, i couldnt get a picture of the white screen though because it is to fast. Note: Sorry, i cannot attach any pictures, it sais i donot have permission. Hopefully you can easily fix the glitch just by reading what i have wrote, or you will email me for further communication and i can send u the pictures.