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  1. <div id="main" style="background-image: url(http://dontstarvegame.com/science/deeper-meaning/images/clue.jpg);"> <div id="dialog"> <div id="textarea"> <center> <div class="look-inside"> <div id="elem0" class="toBeFaded" style="display: none;"> <!--Forbidden Knowledge doesn't come easy. To unzip these lips you'll need to take a long hard look inside. --> <img src="http://dontstarvegame.com/science/deeper-meaning/images/forbidden_knowledge.png"> </div> <div id="elem1" class="toBeFaded" style="display: none;"> <img src="http://dontstarvegame.com/science/deeper-meaning/images/forbidden_knowledge.png"> </div> <div id="elem2" class="toBeFaded" style="display: none;"> <img src="http://dontstarvegame.com/science/deeper-meaning/images/forbidden_knowledge.png"> </div> <div id="elem3" class="toBeFaded" style="display: none;"> <img src="http://dontstarvegame.com/science/deeper-meaning/images/forbidden_knowledge.png"> </div> <div id="elem4" class="toBeFaded" style="display: block;"> <img src="http://dontstarvegame.com/science/deeper-meaning/images/forbidden_knowledge.png"> </div> </div> </center> </div> </div> </div>This is the source code of the image....note how it says 'Forbiden Knowledge Doesn't Come Easy, to unzip these lips you need to take a deep look inside
  2. Hmmm, since seasons are going to be added....maybe beefalo hair (or wool) can be used with rope and silk to make a 'winter coat' that doesn't break down over time but takes up your 'chest' slot keeps you warm (lowering your hunger consumption in winter since now you don't have to worry about keeping yourself warm as much) but if you take fire damage while wearing it you burst into flames, or, take double damage from the huge amount of heat
  3. +1 my good sir, I do the same, I don't build the 'tree walls' like others do, but I do make a huge number of bee boxes (wish there was a way to get more honey combs like maybe combining 10 honey....) and bring sticks and grass closer but don't give a **** about the berry bushes, sure berries are tasty and all....but I'd much rather utilize my crock pot with meat and honey, and vegetables from my farm. Also on the topic of 'turtling' as some one put it. If they didn't want people to be able to build a base, why would they have farms and the stationary machines and such?
  4. Check all of this out https://www.google.com/search?q=da+vinci+inventions&rlz=1C1CHFX_enUS499US499&aq=0&sugexp=chrome,mod%3D7&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=1iC6UPSqEMSarAGlkoHABg&biw=1440&bih=775&sei=2CC6UKIK0rOoAbr7gLAG Da Vinci was alive in that time period, no?
  5. Well, the bee's in this game are standard Bumble-Bee's (the big fuzzy ones) and they actually do make their nests on the ground by weaving grass, for the start of a new hive anyway. However, what they could do is set it so you could 'examine' trees after finding your first tree guard, that way you could closely examine the tree to see if it is a guard or not, and if it's not the 'forest' area (the dark brown ground where fireflies spawn often) they could add in trees that on examine say 'It's got something growing in it' to which you smack it with say....the hammer...and something falls out, maybe a fruit (which could be planted like a pine-cone to grow that type of tree) or something like say a bird nest (which would make normal birds attack you for a little while) or maybe even a hornet or wasp nest (stronger versions of the bee that don't get distracted by flowers)
  6. I fought my first pair of hounds day 5, but, by that point I had three bee boxes and one of the hounds accidently hit one of the bees and...yeah....
  7. Rabbit traps also catch frogs(Not entirely sure) and spiders(100% sure) if memory serves....which is very very useful.....
  8. Odd that I just made a viking themed char who can only gain hunger benefits from meats, but can heal off of berries and such....
  9. Considering the style of how Wilson goes about his science, I'd say it's Victorian era, and so batteries and the such wouldn't make much sense, the only reason they use a light bulb symbol for research points, in my opinion, is because in a cartoony way, light bulbs represent good ideas.
  10. Yup, personally I prefer to set up a 'base camp' in a small safe island, and then strike out for the other islands, gathering berries and such to feed the one pig I keep near my camp for manure so I can make some farms and such, then chase some birds for seeds to plant on em, stuff like that, I honestly don't use berry bushes for much other than that. The thing that makes man so dangerous is our ability to adapt to change, so, perhaps you should adapt to the changing environment and learn from it?
  11. True, but I personally don't use the tent (And think it should be changed to work like a re-usable bed roll, you just have to use some silk on it every day to fix it back up) and he would have an easier time hauling things back to a base camp than the other people, but, his food supply is much more limited and he'd have to rely on the traps/crock pot alooooot more than every one else. And, the spear would still be useful until he gets a gold axe, as the axe looses about 1.5-2.5 durability per strike AND would need to be used for chopping down trees. Although, I do like the 'all animals fear him' it would keep him from getting pig followers ---------------- Updated original post, thanks for the feed back guys, every one who's given feed back is credited with helping shape him.
  12. Actually, I do like the 'meat only' thing, that would fit, he's a big strong viking after all. And I hadn't thought of the other item stacks, that would also work, and would still allow him to move the bushes around so he can make a gobble farm somewhat. ------ Updated due to Mobius' imput (thankies for the help) ------ To adress the 'wolfgang retool' comment, he doesn't have double the health/food/damage of every one else, he would, preferably only have 150hp (the avg of the two) the normal hunger meter (that would probably only last half as long) and only gets the damage boost with an axe. Also I was considering putting in a note that Beefalo attack him if he gets to close due to the fact that he smells of dead animals, thus making the Beefalo Hat actually useful, for him any way
  13. Figured I'd give my hand at making a character, this one, is going to be rather odd actually compared to all the others, no custom items, but he will have some drawbacks to him...heeheehee..... Wybjorn is a savage brute, dwarfing even Wolfgang in stature. He's covered in scars, and wears leather boots/pants/and a vest. Hailing from a village deep in Scandinavia, he's rustic and simplistic, not to mention very...very brutal in how he deals with animals. Pros -Increased Health -Deals 4X damage with Axes (aka, double what you'd normally deal with a spear, just, only with axes) -Item stacks are increased by 50% (20 becomes 30, 40 becomes 60, etc) Cons -Decreased 'Fill' value from foods (He has to eat more often) -He only fills hunger from meat -Animals are afraid of him, pigs/beefalo/frogs will run, tall birds and spiders will immediately attack Basicly, he's the 'savage' of the group, Wolfgang kinda reminds me of an english title boxer, not so much as a 'savage' kinda guy. Plus....with the 'Beefalo hat' kinda....just suddenly thought of this guy. Give me some feed back, and if it's good, I'll try my hand at sketching him up, if not, no big deal.