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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70302 Issue title Saved Game Deleted Upon Update Steps to reproduce Update to 70302 on chrome Describe your issue It's really annoying when developers releases an update that deletes your current saved game. I was just really getting established in the game, and I lost all of that great progress. I don't mind losing my current saved game by my own hand because I was stupid and my character died. I don't know if I should continue playing or rage quit. I don't want to waste time progressing through the game and then just have it deleted because of an update.
  2. In the options menu of the Chrome webstore version of the game under product keys it says get steam key, and then ask me to enter my chrome webstore key to convert it to steam key it then tells me to login to my humble bundle account. I login to my humble bundle account but I don't see the key. when my friend converted his key it didn't direct him to humble bundle and he got his steam key. can someone help?