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  1. Sowee! I never get those search engines, guess I gotta use them more often. And it seems that's for Chrome. This is for Steam, not sure if it makes the difference.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Version Number Nov27 Issue title XP Exploit - Skip as many days as you want - Steps to reproduce 1- Obtain a Mandrake. 2- Cook it in a fire camp (cooking this plant makes the day pass, which is a normal feature, as well as healing you to 100% and getting your stomach full). 3- Quit the current game session after the game has been saved. 4- Continue game - This will make the Mandrake show up next to the fireplace UNCOOKED, giving the player the hability to cook it again. 5- Repeating this process will let the player cook the Mandrake as many times as the player wants and skip as many days as the player pleases - This takes all the fun out of the game. Describe your issue Hey guys! Nice job with the new update, been loving it! About the bug: I started a new game recently and happened to have the luck to find a Mandrake as Soon as I started in a new world. Since I only knew this plant gave you a 100% status (Max health and full stomach), I tried cooking it to see what it did - I came to the obvious conclusion that cooking it makes the night pass (and the day if you cook it in the morning) without you getting any hungrier. Since I was experimenting, I left the game because I didn't want it to be cooked and wanted the Mandrake to come to it's original state before the game saved. Fortunatly, I did get it in the state I wanted, but shouldn't have, because the day passed and the Mandrake stayed uncooked. I then realised that cooking a Mandrake and leaving the game and continuing would let me skip as many days as I wanted. Here are some pictures of the process: 1 - Obtain a Mandrake 2 - Cook it in a fire camp and a day and night are now skipped due to the Mandrake's awesomeness 3 - Quit the current game session and select continue 4 - The Mandrake shows uncooked next to the fire camp and ready to be cooked again I advise you guys to fix this as Soon as possible, before the bug gets spread (I do know im making it public right now, but it's the fastest way to get it fixed, I think) and keep up the awesome work you've been doing! I've really enjoyed the game so far and know that it will become even more awesome! Best regards, JPRAS.
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Sea doesn't appear in certain parts of the map Steps to reproduce Was walking around in an island, when I went to check for grass, near the sea, it was all back in that specific area. Describe your issue Hey. I found this bug, while I was roaming on an island in which I noticed no sea was showing up. Just plain black. I'll add a picture as attachment, showing the limit between black and sea as Soon as I get the confirmation email to activate my account. Also wanna say: great job guys. Only been playing the game for 3 days, but it's been really awesome so far, and if this is only a beta version, I cant wait for the final version Cheers, JPRAS