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  1. Guys i'm still here !
  2. Another season after update is here guys ! Come help me grow my channel please
  3. Another episodes come after 12 december patch Hope you guys like it.
  4. More episodes, it's already 6 ! Come my friends and subscribe
  5. #Bump Guys it's already 4 episodes now More will come this night.
  6. Thank you guys for backing me up, more episodes are on the way ! If u can help me with announcing my channel it would be great.
  7. Hello every friend of dont starve. My name is Rotebay and I want to let you know guys that I'm making some youtube series from game. Hope you guys will support my work, you can even subscribe me or give feedback. Thank you guys for all the upcoming support, will be happy to see you enjoy. Here is my frist episode ( sorry for bad voice quality , next will be better )