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  1. Ponds

    I would say no because they will all freeze come winter then you will be sol.
  2. Seems like a neat idea; however, we still have the problem of what the hell do we use charcoal for... Currently I can only say that it could be used every time you want to use your crock pot or as a better source of fuel.
  3. Hound Discussion

    Id like to think that the hounds will be afraid of the fire, but the hell hound will hunt you not matter what...
  4. 1 Dont Starve & Frozen Synapse for Trade

    trade complete. Please lock the thread...
  5. 1 Dont Starve & Frozen Synapse for Trade

    What I realy want is Binding of isaac or Hotline Miami but I will settle for mags stuff, he ever responds to my friend request on steam...
  6. 1 Dont Starve & Frozen Synapse for Trade

    I added you mag. baraq is my steam name...
  7. 1 Dont Starve & Frozen Synapse for Trade

    interested in Home and capsized.
  8. 1 Dont Starve & Frozen Synapse for Trade

    I dont really play TF2 sorry friend. I already own Gimbal.... Keep it coming guys.
  9. 1 Dont Starve & Frozen Synapse for Trade

    Not really interested in either of those. thanks.
  10. [Main Thread] Crafting menu stays open

    Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform [*]Steam Issue title GUI crafting panel stuck. Steps to reproduce Exploring the crafting panel Describe your issue I noticed that when exploring the crafting GUI that sometimes it gets stuck open. For example: I will click to craft a axe and the menu will not close. Even if I manage to some how close it, it just pops right back open on its own. The only way I have got it to fix is to restart the game completely. Thanks, keep up the good work.
  11. Hey guys I saw a few of you trading your extra copy of dont starve, what a great idea. So yeah I have 1 copy of Dont Starve for trade and I also have 1 copy of Frozen Synapse. Let me know what you have to offer and lets make a deal! -RottenJeeves