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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number last. Issue title fraps doens't work with this new version Steps to reproduce . Describe your issue when i try to use fraps to record a gameplay of my game on steam nothing happens ....the video only shows my game paused all the time
  2. i making videos to people in my country ( brazil ) to help spread the game i uploading a video right now on youtube, check it after when its done. Thanks and if you're from brazil and/or understand portuguese see the link below if you like'd subscribe my channel i'll make more videos starting today ty and good morning
  3. yeah! loved that idea! i have three close friends on steam i would love play with then
  4. I lived 56 days and decided to kill myself because i was getting sick LOL i loved this game
  5. when we create like "miner hat" and when his percentage comes to 0% the item doens't broke, we can't be able to use it but he still on our inventory and we can recharge it like using anoter firefly to recharde an porcentage of the miner hat and using flint to recharge (repairing) axe, pickaxe,shovel etc....( and making an anvil to recharde that itens )
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Issue title pigs sometimes don't transform back when day comes Steps to reproduce when i find a transformed pig during the day i only run from away until next day comer and he back to normal Describe your issue is it normal ? sometimes i see a fury pig (werewolf pig? ) idk his name in the daytime and he run after me and i need to run all the day and night running and waiting the next day comes to he stop and sleep transforming back google translated (((( Is this normal? Sometimes I see an angry pig (pig werewolf?) Idk his name ... during the day when I find one he runs behind me and I run it all day and night running and waiting for the next day to get him to stop, sleep and turn back. Just so I can get back to playing regular )))) ty for listening and Don't Starve is a great game !!!! (sorry my english is bad )