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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Performance] Platform Steam Issue title Fullscreen resolutions. Steps to reproduce Clicking settings and enabling Fullscreen mode, enabling access to the resolution tab. Describe your issue When I first downloaded the title(steam) I went into settings because the windowed gameplay was too small for me, saw fullscreen(and the lack of fullscreen -windowed mode!) set it to full screen it set it to the highest resolution that my PC supports 1980x1080, however when I set apply both my monitors blinked and my second monitor every application shifted closer to it, hit windows key and task bar was the size as if the application was running at a much smaller resolution. Please look into this, its rather annoying, also if you could look into the addition of Fullscreen - Windowed Mode I would love you forever and I think a large portion of the community would as well. Cheers =)