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  1. I think the problem comes from 2 issues: - You're paying for the full game but only getting a beta experience. Normally games in beta invite a few people in but they don't charge of it. It's only recently that this new trend of paying in advance and getting beta access has started. People are not used to it. - Also, most betas have all the content done and are working out the bugs. This game is different in the way that there are few bugs but very limited content.
  2. [Gameplay] Died for no reason

    I tried the eggplant again today and no it doesn't do any damage.
  3. Same thing here... I get the occasional surprise but this is insane, I was only on day 3 and I get a werepig on my ass the whole day and he finally killed me at night since I couldn't get away from him while staying close to my campfire.
  4. [Gameplay] Vanishing food?

    Humm so I am able to duplicate the vanishing morsel bug: 1- build a trap 2- set trap at the rabbit entrance while its outside its nest 3- scare rabbit to its hole trapping it 4- pickup morsel 5- repeat steps 2-4 until stack disappears, from then on anytime you do 2-4 it makes the previous morsel disappear. I've noticed that the morsel disappears from inventory as Soon as the trap is set off
  5. [Gameplay] Vanishing food?

    I'm having the same issue but even worse... can't seem to collect more than 1 morsel. I had 8 and the next one made it reset to 1, then couldn't collect more.
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Issue title Died for no reason Steps to reproduce Eat Braised Eggplant Describe your issue So everything was going great, night had just fallen, my fire was well lit, I had a 100% armor, full health and 25 food. I ate 2 braised eggplants in quick succession and died. No damage taken, just boom, dead. For those cases where it's unclear why you died, I would suggest you write what killed the player on the death screen.