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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number - Issue title Meat Effigy resources lost due to Miner Hat. Steps to reproduce 1, Have a Miner Hat in your inventory (mine was in my backpack). 2, Use an Alchemy machine to create a prototype Meat Effigy. 3, Before placing the Meat Effigy, right-click on the Miner Hat to wear it. Describe your issue It was night and I made my first Meat Effigy for the current world. I wanted to place the Effigy in a dark area so while the Meat Effigy was still attached to my cursor ready for placement I right-clicked my Miner Hat to wear it. The Meat Effigy disappeared so I could not place it and I lost the resources for making that effigy.
  2. This exploit is now automated, you can place seeds around Chesterfield and he will scare off the birds collecting masses of seeds.
  3. I use a Firefox addon to download off Youtube. If you don't want to install anything then Keepvid should work.
  4. Is it just me or does Honey Ham made from monster meat heal much less health now?
  5. Anyway, this exploit couldn't be relied on. I've only had 1 floating Mandrake bug and that Mandrake was eaten by a Gobbler.
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Performance] Platform Chrome Version Number 70861 Issue title Game runs slow on 2nd monitor only. Steps to reproduce Just move the Chrome window from one screen to the other. Describe your issue I just got Don't Starve on Chrome so I can play at work (having a slow Christmas day) and on our work PC's we run dual monitors. The game runs fine on the main monitor but if I move the Chrome window to the 2nd monitor it runs at about 50% of normal speed. As a test I held down Space to cut down a fully grown tree, on the main screen it took roughly 9 seconds and on the 2nd screen it took 14 seconds. Walking and everything is very noticeably slower. The PC's here at work are not particularly powerful, Intel graphics and a Core 2 Duo 3GHz processor.
  7. This happened to me the first time I started with the new map generator. I waited about 5 minutes before I forced Don't Starve to close and restarted. Since then I've generated 3 or 4 new maps with no trouble, takes just a few seconds.
  8. I'm sure it's an "Each to their own" situation. I've put in more than 100 hours and still have fun. I not only enjoy the game but I find it interesting seeing how the game evolves over time.
  9. I've lost a Redbird too. I'm not sure at which point it disappeared but there was no saving and reloading, it was just gone one night. I hadn't fed them for a while so I was wondering if they can starve.
  10. If I look at it cross-eyed I can see a Walrus or a Manatee or... wait... is that my mother??
  11. LoL, last night I finally got my first Red Gem from a Hell Hound. You'd never guess where it is...
  12. That's what should happen when the Ctrl key is being held down so I'd check the keyboard for stuck Ctrl keys.
  13. I get this too, he says "I can't do that" while he does the task. I was just testing this a bit more and it does not seem to happen with the Axe, just the Spade and Pick Axe. If I cut down a tree by holding Space and keep holding without releasing to pick up everything I do not get the "I can't do that" text. If I cut down a tree then switch to the Spade and uproot the stump by holding Space and keep holding I do get the "Can't do that" text even tho he does still pick up the wood/cones. Same with the Pick Axe, hold Space to break the rock and keep holding he says "Can't do that" while collecting the debris.