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  1. JESUS CHRIST WAREPIGS!!!!!! Those evil thing attacked me and my camp is right next to their main village still I got out to fight another day.
  2. Christ how long has Wilson been trapped on that island! Nice fan art by the way.
  3. Penitence

    This really is the back story idea they need to use for Wilson (He is my favourite too) now you just need to come up with storys for everyone else.
  4. Showing off fan art

    Why is everyone here draw awesome art like that and I cant even draw a stick man on MSPaint! Nice art though I wish I could do that!
  5. Pumpkin bomb

    Bee mines and pumpkin bombs. What's next beefalo nukes?
  6. If your gonna fight a beefalo wear a log suit attack one run till the rest leave then turn around and start attacking the beefalo it will get about 2 attacks on you that the log suit should be able to suck up keep doing that until it gets dead and then claim your loot!!!
  7. Hi does anyone know what the little moon symbol next to the clock in the top right corner. It changes every night to a different size of moon but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the game and im just curious to know if it does anything. Thanks!
  8. Odd shaped island

    Nice just nice.
  9. Exp

    Yeah I think you have to die for your exp to count kinda sucks.