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  1. not sure if its relevant but i have had a few stacks of stuff vanish from my inventory also. out of curiosity was any of your inventory's full at the time of disappearance??? i have posted a thread about stacks of anything getting reduced down to 2 of the stack you used.
  2. i started as usual gathering the basics then i went to find the nearest edge when i got there there was only Black emptiness. i thought to myself "this is kinda weird" so i followed the edge around only to encounter the sea further south, is there a new Space section gonna be added to the game??? or was i just really lucky to spawn at a stupendous distance from the middle of the map??? i did not know where to post this as i could not find the game-play section. not sure its a bug or just a lack of texture filler.
  3. ok so i have tried spiders nest - which does take damage but no drops bees nest - which takes damage and no drops pig house - does not take damage i have not found any other structures yet so will test them ass and when i find new stuff as a side note is Abigail the ghost supposed to die??? i had a pig follower when she appeared and as usual she does a small amount of damage to me, the pig decided that it would protect me and hit and killed Abigail who then promptly re-appeared and killed it. but after killing the unfortunate pig Abigail did not follow me anymore but i could still be damaged by her and examine her??
  4. it just happened again with a stack of 32 spider webs i only got 2 back.
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Issue title Stacks of stuff mostly dissappering? Steps to reproduce have a full inventory pick up a stack of something so you have all full slots and a stack in your hand. then put it back on the ground using the right click Describe your issue its happened to me twice where i have lost a full stack of 10 and only got 2 back. once was with berry bushes and the other was with cooked monster meat.
  6. no really i did kill a spiders nest with the ghost and nothing dropped, the spider nest was still visible but i couldn't target it and after a few seconds 10-15 or so it disappeared. try it out yourself. (the nest i killed was a big one with 3 domes on it it should have dropped spider eggs x1 and 5+ spider webs) i'm gonna try the other structures and get back to you on if they drop materials or not...
  7. i accidently killed a spiders nest with her when the ghost got stuck behind it and it didnt drop any webs or egg. does she do it to all structures??