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  1. Oh GOD WHY? Can someone move to Bug Tracker... when your starving bar is 0 you start taking damage and the screen start to blink in red... I tested after it and can say that it still happens... I think this happens when you start to take damage and then save & quit when you come back you will start to take dmg but no red flashes will be shown... so it's for sure a bug.
  2. The thing is that before there was a effect that remind us... and in the video nothing happened... I am not complaining
  3. I was recording a Let's Play and after the first video I stopped the game, saved and came back to record another one, when this happened. Is it a bug or the effects doesn't show
  4. I prefer my friend Bernardo, the Beefallo...
  5. I have Killing Floor key and Tropico 3 key... Also a Humble Android Bundle 4... if you want to trade tell me
  6. Just it! Simple and fast Steamtrades user :
  7. I have Tropico 3 and Killing Floor would you be interested to trade the copy for it?
  8. I'm looking for 5~6$ via paypal or indie games! Offer me here!
  9. I want this 6 dollars I have a key add me on steam Phyrexian Ironfoot