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  1. 1x Dota 21x Frozen Synapse1x Metro 20331x Serious Sam: The First Encounter Classic1x Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Classic1x Supreme Commander 2 (Key from the "Awesome Square-Enix Pack" Amazon did)1x Binding of Isaac + DLC key.
  2. I would like stacking and wouldn't mind the nerfs. Getting meat as is is somewhat easy. Being able to tell would be nice if possible.
  3. The thing is, will we eventually see mechanical items? You're not exactly providing things that would help your argument other than it won't fit the game. You may not like them, but others will. You have to add a lot of industry type items like minecraft mods to keep the game interesting if you don't want to go the magic route. Tentacles are magic. Pigs talking are magic. Ents are magic. Can you explain that?
  4. I suggested Demonic items here http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?1797-Item-Demonic-Axe. I personally would like it. I'd rather not just focus on science because that can get pretty boring if it doesn't eventually get to a point of futuristic items.
  5. You can download an auto-clicker and have it set it to toggle so you don't have to keep clicking. The one I currently use is used for my grass farm. Very helpful. Here it is if you want it: http://www.mediafire.com/?0obfv8i49qi3ogh No viruses. I don't know who made it though.
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number latst Issue title Extra meat from dead spiders Steps to reproduce 1. Kill Spiders 2. Place rabbit trap over dead spiders corpse 3. Gain extra meat or silk. This also can cause your stacks of monster meat to disappear. Describe your issue I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but basically you can get more meat from spiders if you use a rabbit trap on a dead corpse.
  7. I agree with 1 and 4. 2. The only companions you could have in the game are Abigail (which is only on one character and random when showing up) and Pigs. You have a lot of isolation early on, and if you wish to add a companion, you can. 3. Combat yes is hit and run. But having the animation count as a hit immediately would be stupid. If I pull back my fist, does the person in front me get hit? By having immediate hits, no one would bother trying to fight the mob itself because there would be no point. Instead they would just rely on pigs. The easiest way for combat to be less hit run, would be make the animations faster. I believe tentacles are the only exception because as Soon as they come up, they're already half way through their attack animation, so it is much harder to take on the tentacles without armor or pigs.
  8. I have 1x Serious Sam: The First Encounter Classic 1x Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Classic 1x Supreme Commander 2 http://steamcommunity.com/id/Dagon123
  9. Here are my games 1x Dota 2 1x Frozen Synapse 1x Gemini Rue 1x Serious Sam: The First Encounter Classic 1x Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Classic 1x Supreme Commander 2 (Key from the "Awesome Square-Enix Pack" Amazon did) Is the Don't Starve on Steam?