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  1. In the game im trying to find my camp in the map but you cant really find it with out science macine or alchemy enegine and what if you dont want to build those. so my idea is you can place an H on the map to symbolize your home also while writing this I got more ideas on the map it should show you what ground it is swamp, desert, grass, rock things like that thank you for taking the time to read this.
  2. The thing is the bear probably wont attack you though and you can keep the bear in its cave by giving it food also if you kill the bear then its gone forever there wont be anymore unless you find another cave. And the bears are called bone bears you dont know how fast they are.
  3. COME ON why wont anyone comment or look at this
  4. Okay this is my first time posting so hi Okay my idea is a bear that comes out only when you kill something so if you killed a tall bird the bear would come out and eat the tall birds remains then go out hunting because you woke it and it might even hunt you. it wil take your food and kill anything it wants for dinner ( For rabbits you have to kill 8 in a day because there easy to kill ) but if your near beefalo the bear will be to scared of the beefalo to go near you. another way to make them stay away is give them some food infront of there caves and they will leave you alone ( if you give 4 rabbits it will leave you for 1 or 2 days randomly ) thank you I hope you like the BONE BEAR!