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  1. Im not sure if I should take that as a compliment or a insult
  2. Im so happy wit hthe next update on my island I have 7 Tallbirds all over!
  3. first time I played I didnt know how well torches were so I built one and didn't have enough materials for a fire and died
  4. after the update I will do another one on birds with the new cage and one on smallbirds!
  5. thank you cptCalavera if you have an idea of what creature you want me to do next post it I will try to do it!
  6. YOU WATCH WALKING DEAD HELL YEAH I LOVE WALKING DEAD!!!!! so back on topic I love the idea of bone tools if I was trapped the first thing would be to get a bone and use it as a tool its a wonderful idea I would love it to implemented in the game it would make a wonderful material
  7. I started journal numero 4 I hope you like it it's about crows =)
  8. journal 2 and 3 arn't real I made them up but number one and the next one will be
  9. The first Journal eneded time for the second one
  10. Updated hope you like the four more journal entries!
  11. Hi this is journal folowing the lives of some Tallbirds I found ( I will update this every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ) Journal #1 The Perfect Tallbird Day 1: I found this big island close to my camp its all rock, their were creepy bird monsters i will call them Tallbirds they just stare at me I think I will take a look at its egg tommorow. Day 2: I have been attacked by the Tallbirds friend im bleeding, I had to put it down I will learn more about these amazing beasts Day 3: they reject everything they wont eat! I want to help the damn bird! I am starting to go crazy these beasts will chase you till they get you off there territory. If I step to close to Susan's egg ( thats the tallbirds name ) It will go nuts I just want to help the beast it just wont accept my help. I think these beasts or whatever they are, are more advanced then I thought. Day 4: Susan never stops sleeping till day you can go near her and she wont charge! sadly I still cant get her to eat I think im going to have to feed her my meat I dont think they can fly but I wouldnt be suprised these things are amazing Day 5 I found out why Susan was so crazy she was protecting her baby I found a small blue egg with white spots i named it cloud if its a boy and Lilly if its a girl maybe tallbirds eggs don't hatch well I will find out Day 6: Susan's being nice to me I can almost touch the egg! Susan looks healthy I think she ate the seeds I left her I will leave seeds by her bed every day I need Susan to live shes my only friend on this god forsaken land! Day 7: Susan tryed to attack me today but I have left much food for her and her baby I hope it hatches I just can`t move on from Susan she`s a amazing creature I hope taht I live to the day that little baby hatches! Susan`s doing well but she is getting more protective right now maybe it`s because the egg is about to hatch! Day 8: I am starving I tihnk I might die. The tallbird stopped eating its just staring at me like it wants to eat me! I am starting to think Susan isn't who I thought she was Day 9: AHHHHHHHH Susans friend Tried to kill me but Susan protected me and told him to back off! Susan is nice again I hope it stays like this! Day 10: Susan's dead she protected me from the spiders and she died I don't think I want to live anymore This is my last Journal entry Goodbye Cruel world *sighs* why Susan. Journal # 2 Journal about a Beefalo Day 1: I stumbled upon these huge furry beasts there like huge bufflaos Day 2: they just stare at me not doing anything I think there harmless except for that one in the corner hes always there and staring at me like hes going to charge Day 3: the beasts charged me but then stopped when the one that looked angry stepped in I was so grateful Day 4: I named them Beefalo and I named the big guy William I think he's there leader or something I might leave tommorow Day 5: I approched William and he pooped on me I still stink after jumping in a pond Day 6: William came to me and pushed me down I think hes trying to show that hes the leader and I am small? Day 7: that darn William stole all my food I am starving I think I might just eat him! Day 8: I am going insane I can't take it kill me or this DAMN Beefalo he is evil! Day 9: I think this is my last entry I will kill William and if I don't I wont write anymore but if I do I will write for another day Day 10: With my last breath I say Goodbye to anyone reading this and stay away from the Beefalo. Journal #3 Journal of my life Day 1: I came to this wierd island I can't find anything useful Theres just grass lots and lots of grass Day 2: I found some cool guys there like human pigs my best friend is Butters! I think he is rasist towards Spiders though but thats between me and whoever is reading this day 3: I set up camp by Butters house he always poos when I give him any food but meat! what one moment I forgort to eat jumps on meat stew so GOOOD! day 4: I lost my left hand a damn spider ate it luckly Butters killed them or I would have been a goner. Day 5: The big guy in the crown keeps staring at me I think he wants to eat me! day 6: I am starting to go crazy these pigs just don't remember me anymore they just call me names! Butters even hates me! day 7: this is a short and sad day Butters died today he was fighting a spider nest when I wimped out and ran this is all my fault I am never going to befriend another one of these damn pigs! day 8: it's CRAZY THE PIGS ARE ALL FURRY THERE LIKE BOARMEN INSTEAD OF PIGMEN DEAR LORD SAVE ME!!!!! day 9: it's still happening and all the pigs are gone but the big fat one im scared I just I will just lay down here until the end of time lifes not worth living without my dearfriend Butters day 10: I found some huge birds there so tall I think they get angry when I go near their eggs day 11 : I found the spidernest that killed butters with my spear in hand I will kill them Charge!!! day 12: all the spiders are dead but the one who killed my friend for he stands on my chest with his fangs waiting for me to make my move but I don't I just stay still and see Butters wait BUTTERS IS ALIVE he saved me he has killed the spider thank you butters!!!! day 13: butters is dead by me I killed him and am eating him I will kill every last one for they left me alone in my time of need. day 14: I lay this book down In a grave I have dug I hope that anyone who finds it will be smarter than me to make the choic not to befriend those evil pigs for they hold a secret about this place that nobody knows but them. whoever finds this run run. Journal #4 The Crow Day 1: I foun this little crow the other day trapped him in my cage hes pretty funny he falps around all day! he's my new best friend! Day 2: he and my Crow Harold have found a bee nest I captured them all but 1 because Harold told me to leave 1 Day 3: Harold is driving me mad he wont stop talking about his wife and kids! SHUT UP HAROLD IM WRITING! ughhh I haven't slept in forever beacuse of him constant noise! I think I might kill him! Day 4: Harold stopped today I got some rest but the bunnies slept outside today so that kept me from sleeping long *sighs* Harold is very fun but very mean he wants me to let him go he keeps saying that he wont leave hes just going to stay with me but I don't belive a word coming from his little tiny beak! Day 5: I caught Harolds wife Luara today it was hard work and it was kinda worth it Harolds happy but Laura jsut won't shut up she's saying where are my kids sir bring me my presicous babies Day 6: Ha funny joke Harold said what has 2 wings and don't love you DIS CROW! hehehehehehehe Harold dumped Laura today so I filled her spot with their youngest son Peg Peg is nice he isn't annoying he is a good crow but not as good as Harold because he speaks the funniest jokes ever Day 7 : Peg is Boring he will just talk to Harold all day so I ate Peg he was yummy nice little feathers haahahahahahahahahhahaa Day 8: I found Harold a new friennd his name is Derek he is a redbird he just flutters about but he has some nice feathers on him I think he is a rockstar. Harold ate some seeds I gave him and some Hounds tried to kill my Harold so I stabbed them multiple times then cooked them then left it ot so there friend will eat them. What was that Derek you think im crazy I will show you crazy MUAHAHAHAHHAA. Day 9: Derek uh is gone he must of .... escaped some how heheheheeeeehehehehhehehhaehahahahahahahahah I didnt do anything really but I got Harolds dad but now they just talk about beating my up so I killed him muahahahahaaha then I found another guy and he was perfect his name was Jeremy he likes my he even helped me wipe out all the pretty bees by my camp bye bye beehive hah ha ha ahahahahahahhahahahaha Day 10: I ate Harold he was annoying and I was a tid bit hungry so I had a snack before dinner I am not going crazy * twitches* ughhhhhhhh okay im a little crazy what was that Jeremy you said im not a little crazy im very crazy *twitches* *crunching noise* *sqwak* im full no dinner * twitch * Day 11: Birds Birds everywhere they want to eat me because I ate their friends no they cant have me! Im not crazy you birds get away get go gotta get away get away hey don't peck me! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Journal # 5 The Smallbirds Day 1: I found some eggs in a nest stole them from these tall bird like things I will try to make it hatch today and if I can have one of those things I will kill all MUAHAHAHHA Day 2: they still havent hatched it's taking forever! they get too cold then too hot what DO I DO!!! Day 3: HATCH HATCH HATCH they just shake around not hatching I kill some rabbits and then I see shaking ITS MADNESSS! Day 4: the angels hatched I want to snuggle them they are so cute they cheer me on everytime I try to kill something I am so proud of my babies, Henry and Pippy they dont stop following me they are perfect! Day 5 : the hounds tried to kill my babies but Henry the eldest of the two kept Pippy calm and away from the hounds they tried to bite at Pippy but Henry was blocking I rushed in and killed the hounds the don't get to hurt my two angels! Day 6: the two angels were almost killed by the darkness today I was late coming back to camp and they almost were eaten but we made it We are all fine I think Henry is in shock though he was grabbed by the feathers and tugged once before he got in the light Pippy is fine hes just snuggling Henrys leg. thye wont eat anything though if only I knew what they liked! Day 7: NOOOOOO THE SPIDERS ATE HENRY I am so sad Pippy won't move he is to sad Henry died when pippy attacked a spider den and then henry pushed him back I am going to kill everything!!! Day 8: * heavy breathing* I killed 5 Tallbirds and 3 Spider dens I also got 2 eggs I will ahtch them tonight Day 9: Pippy died he wouldn't move wouldn't eat and died I can't belive he died I can't live much longer please eggs hatch I need you Day 10: they still didn't hatch I hate this world I will killl THE SPIDER QUEEN WHEN SHE COMES TO ME I WILL WIN ! Day 11: they hatched! one boy one girl the boy is Tomas he is younger the girl is older and her name Sam! Day 12 I killed their mother and go another egg if that ones a boy its named cloud if its a girl its chloe Ohh I can wait and the other two are trying to kill Jackolope for me it's touching when they grow up they will be fine parents! Day 13: The one still hasnt hatched they can almost kill birds but they are just a little too weak when the new one comes they will kill them! Day 14: We beat up some rabbits nothing much happened I think the eggs about to hatch! Day 15; almost the eggs almost there also I was so proud today my two little people Sam and Tomas they beat up two crows today they didnt kill them but those crows dropped their seeds in terror! and my little babbies got their first kills on three rabbits Day 16: IT'S A GIRL CHLOE She is so prettyand they can killw rabbits easy now they are a great team with another one coming! if its a boy Carson if its a girl peaches Day 17: we are great at hunting and they are finaly eating im so happy they are going to live the egg still hasn't hatched. Day 18: he hatched it is a boy but its not carson ITS Oscar! and we got another one coming! I can't wait I hope they all live. The bees are real pests when I am fully settaled I will kill those bees! I have to make a new continued thread thank you and good bye! http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?5262-Journal-about-creatures-part-2
  12. I didn't really know where to post this so I did it here I have created a facebook page wheir I post things to do with Wolfgang I will write a log if you ask me too and you can ask me to kill things with certain weapons I want to bring a community to have fun and challenge me WOLFGANG http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.236931176438165.59272.236566629807953&type=1#!/pages/Wolfgang/236566629807953
  13. How do you transfer it to facebook though like using a screenshot and getting to be a picture on facebook
  14. How can you take steam pictures and put them on facebook?
  15. okay thanks I was just so shocked when it wouldnt stop chasing me I had to put it down
  16. have tallbirds become more protective of there nests or is it the same and I just didnt realize I was playing and it wouldnt stop chaseing me it followed me everywhere then I thought wait a second they have never done this before? so what happened
  17. my favorit character is Wolfgang because he has 200 health and 200 hunger points plus I can beat up monsters because of his extra strength
  18. I thinl for the gas hole it should only work in swamps because if there was a peremenat fiire it should be in a dangurous place
  19. HI!!!!!! My idea is to have these big mushrooms that walk around there base and at night hide in logs they would be creepy monsters friend / foe they will attack if you get close to them unless you come bearing wood of course then your cool and you could all hang out. but instead of hanging out they take the log and throw it at eachother until it breaks they then grab the one that threw it when it broke and make him give you his baby mush the baby mush will hop around you all day and night chanting little songs then at night turns into a huge incredible monster that comes with a chainif you dont pick up the chain he get sad and go back to his people but if you pick it up he will sniff down to beefalo, tall birds, pigmen, bees when it finds them the animal it goes to will take him in and the animal group or animal hes with will give you some of there favorite stuff so if its a beefalo you get 10 grass if its a tallbird you get 1 egg if its a pig man you get meat if its bees you get 2 honey on full moons mush will leave there homes and go towards swamps when it goes to the swamps they will grab tenticles and eat them behind will be a note that will say a riddle that if you solve what it means you get a mush baby. Thank you if you dont thinks its very descriptive thats because im tired thank you
  20. Hello! My idea is to have diffrent spirit beasts that wander through the woods if you find them they run and run from you until they get to the pure pond ( description below ) they spirit beast will plunge in and grab you a random spirit pet the spirit pet will grow up and stay with you till its a adult. A spirit pet will give you a warm comfort when its dark and get you crazy items during the day. Pure pond is a clear pond shining bright it will only appear on a new moon Spirit pets chart spirit dog: 5% Spirit cat: 10% Spirit bird: 15 % spirit Bear 60% spirit monkey: 9.999999 % Spirit Mandrake: 0.000001 % the dog gets you 4 meat a day for 10 days cat gets you 2 feathers a day for 6 days bird gets you 10 seeds a day for 15 days bear gets you a fish a day for 5 days monkey gets you 5 manure a day for 10 days mandrake gets you a mandrake a day for 5 days thank you this was thought of very fast not very detailed or anything but thank you
  21. C stands for cloths C stands for costumes C stands for Change as in change your look! I would Like to play as willow but I just dont like her look so I play a differnent character even though I dont like there special stuff heres a list of cool new cloths for the current characters. Wolfgang Criminals jumpsuit: kill 100 of anything in one game and get a orange and white jumpsuit with a numer that says die Superman Tights: kill 10 level 2 or higher spider dens in one game and get a super man costume More coming Soon Wilson science coat: smething to do with the new science system coming Soon if you have Ideas comment. Dr. Thin: have less than 10 hunger points Racer: big jean jacket on him that isnt buttened you get it by exploreing the entrie map not one spot missing ( almost imposible ) Farmers boy: create 100 farms in total and get overals and a red shirt more Soon Willow fire girl: burn down 100 trees in one game you get a fire proof red jacket with flames on it. flaming demon: burn down 2 treeguards and get a skin tight red shirt and pants. more Soon Wendy bunny: bunny tail and bunny suit kill 1000 bunnymen in total skin tight black cat: kill 100 crows in total and get a skin tight cat costume with a tail ( black ) more Soon thank you for reading this over I hope you liked my ideas