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  1. I didn`t find any of those in the data files just smallmeat which I am asuming is from smallbirds
  2. Name: Wendel Look: look up Backstory: Wendel is an alcoholic His first words were Give me beer today he turned 25 and went out to party like everynight he went to his favorite bar and drank he then got in his car and drove he was drunk and didn't react in time to stop and smashed into a school bus he killed 2 adults and 20 children he was put in jail when he woke up the next morning he saw a tall man and he said "say pal you don't look so good" perks: he can make Martinis he has a martini shaker he can make martinis every 5 days from berries grass and carrots The martini makes gives him 20 health 50 hunger points and makes him be able to walk past tall birds without them getting terutirual on you ( if you steal the egg they will try to kill you ) he has 150 hunger points disadvantages: moves slower and has 50 health
  3. Name: William the Criminal mastermind Look: a Black vest with a green shirt nice fine hair split in the middle black pants Perks: does every action faster ( not running/ walking ) Ex. Cutting wood takes less time for him when sanity arrives he will have to get scared by 2 times the monsters to go fully insane because he was a rough tough Criminal nothing scares him Disadvantages: Bunnies are scared of you when further away, Small birds wont fight for you just follow, Tallbirds follow you longer if you have their egg Backstory: William was the top of top Criminals there was no one could kill him. He would spend his day shooting people on the streets and nights stealing he was so rich he didnt know what to do so he went out and charged this tall man with a knife but then he fell unconsious and saw the man he said say pal you don't look so good. Thank you and if you have Ideas for him post them in comments!
  4. You have to keep in mind this game is in a beta it will get harder over time but the developers have just started to work on midgame content so after around 50 days nothing is going to be hard anymore but this is just the begining by the end content might go on forever because of how different every play through will be
  5. Can't do one until wednesday I am very sorry people I just have a lot of things to do
  6. I can't do any today got a big essay sorry I will make it up by doing it on Friday
  7. I just want to say thank you and give you guys awards based on what you guys do on these fourms Awards Fastest to reply Nomines cptCalavera, Mobius187, 501105 and the winner is cptCalavera round of appluase you won this award because you are always there whenever someone needs help! most detailed help Nomines: Mobius187, Toaster fu, Excess and the winner is Mobius187 for always posing such long replies that are very helpful thank you links to the best help threads nomines: LadyD, Excess, Toaster fu and the winner is LadyD for giving us links to the best threads to help us! Knows their Don't starve very well Nomines: Toaster fu, LadyD, Excess and the winner is a tie between Toaster fu and LadyD they are both very good and know the game very well Best overall Gold name is all of them they are all very awsome in diffrent ways which make them perfect to be moderators! THANK YOU FORM YOUR HOST PIG Brught to you by Smallbirds p they protect Small birds when no one else can thank you
  8. Sorry I could only do 1 today ill try to do 3 tommorow im kinda busy so it's getting harder to do them
  9. I can't do the red bird in a cage for a long time I really love my map but I can't find a swamp so I can't find reeds for papyrus so I made the smallbirds next one will be a suprise heheheheheheMUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. I once burned down trees as Soon as a crow flew in the trees and I got a feather so I wouldn`t be suprised if you found butter from burning trees
  11. I will try to do the redbird first and thank you guys for voting
  12. I don't know what to do any suggestions or should I wait for the update and do one on a redbird that is in a cage or a smallbirds story
  13. can you people please vote in the poll I want to know if you guys like these or if I should stop!
  14. that happened to me today LOL I was like awwww it it was all like zzzzzzzzzz then I was like AGHGHGHHGHGHGHGHHH *dies* and it was like GRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  15. okay then thank you and I have finished "The Crow" I don't know what to do next any suggestions
  16. No it dosent it just takes away the map you were playing on
  17. I think they have to have one perk to having them around you otherwise why would you hatch them?
  18. This thread is to discuss what you think the Small Birds will do I think that you have to put them near a fire otherwise they wont hatch and when the are born they will follow you until they grow big then they will go to the nearest rock land they may not survive after the journy though and then they build a nest. They might be nicer to you once they go back and might let you take a few eggs because you rasied them! This is just a guess
  19. I think Krampus only comes out when you do a certain action because Krampus steals Naughty kids so if your naughty for doing something he will then steal but htats my guess