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  1. gets up pony you look tasty * chases pony trying to eat you * * turns into were pig*
  2. Pours rainbow juice and drinks it. I dont always drink rainbows but when I do it has to have a pony on the cover. I will go to bar and drain my sorows
  3. rainbow juice it made from real rainbow
  4. throws up chewed up Krampuses now im Pig KING this everything I want - - - Updated - - - new guest want rainbow meat?????
  5. eats alll krampuses and becomes a pigking YEAH IM PIG KING FEED ME MEAT SLAVES
  6. oooooh Kramous a goat he look good *eats Krampus*
  7. *burps* pig king help!!! *pig king flops onto Krampus
  8. *burps* more meat or rainbow juice?
  9. Pig king you give me gold have rainbow meat thank you king. * builds mansion* done come in nice looking pony man
  10. *hands meat* I dig hole make house big
  11. I bring pony rainbows and meat
  12. BENDER you rascal! hahahahahhaha I dont know what you guys are talking about but your invited to my house party http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?6209-Pigs-house-party
  13. houses would make the game to easy you get a forever base that you cant die in in another thread we decided add houses and the recipe will be 48000000 cut stone andd 1000000000 boards
  14. where are the guests?!?!?!??!?!! those ugly monkey men must have captured them
  15. this is the wrong thread there is a trading thread
  16. Pig invites you all to his house party http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?6209-Pigs-house-party
  17. hi im Butters and i finnaly rebuilt my house after Wilson broke it down I would like to invite everyone in and I heard Pigking might come what a treat that would be
  18. why me why my friend why do you hate my race!