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  1. I got savaged by a pack of hounds while already low on health. I fought them and killed them one by one (they started to fall asleep at night) but as I am not a combat expert by any means, I took many hits. My health was brought low, very low, I couldn't keep track during the fight, but the last hit I took made most of the screen red. When it was over, my helmet was at 37%, and when I went to check on my health, it was listed as...0? ZERO??!! Did I just get super-lucky and actually have a fractional health-point rounded down, or does the Helmet protect you from lethal damage for as long as it remains intact? (Regardless, I was happy to be alive, and happy that the doggies didn't burn down my grass farm.)
  2. Whatever you changed made the game work for me on my laptop! Hurrah! My laptop runs windows XP and has an intel GM965 embedded graphics card, was able to run the Chrome demo, but not the game itself...until today. Now it works. Yay!!! Thank you brave bug hunters and committed coders!!!
  3. I was wondering what that distant sawing sound was when I got back to my base, and then a bunch of hounds came and attacked me. Ok, that answered that question. As I ran around fighting them off though, suddenly a massive conflagration broke out, consuming my 60-tuft grass farm and 10 berry bushes. ...That's going to be hard to replace. Interestingly, the fire in my fire circle went out during the fight, but the flaming ruins of irreplaceable resources gave me enough light to dispatch the hounds. I thought that perhaps one of the hounds had somehow damaged the firepit, allowing flame to escape and so start the conflagration, but reading about these "Fire Hound" things seems the more likely explanation. In the chaos and panic, I couldn't tell you if any of the assailants was redder than the others, but since I panicked and quit the game before the dawn save, I should be able to re-fight the battle. Preferably further from my grass. Savescumming ftw!!!
  4. We can get you a copy on Chrome in the short-term. Contact us with your steam info here: contact us I have been having exactly the same problem as Xaphedo, but with an Intel 965 graphics card. Same result with the GLcrash beta, and now the new version of the steam game. I filled out the "Contact Us" form about a week ago, but have not gotten any reply. Should I send in another one? I read a comment earlier in the thread that you "must have played the demo first". Does this mean that if you bought the game via Steam before trying the demo out on Chrome, that you're out of luck? I do not recall the order I did things in, but I do know that I bought it on Steam because I felt more comfortable with the purchase procedure. *** On a different issue, I was able to use a friend's computer (a windows 7 machine) to play the steam version of Don't Starve (and enjoyed it!), but the "birds and bees" update has caused the game to crash on that computer. The music starts playing for a brief moment and then "windows has detected a problem" pops up right before the first image shows up. It has an Nvidia graphics card and I have not thoroughly troubleshooted it yet, so it may yet work.