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  1. Rabbit mechanics are being changed in the new patch, the patch notes will tell you exactly whats happening. This wont be possible any longer
  2. yeah your right... screw it... lets just add to the mess
  3. there was no animosity, but it does say in the rules for reporting bugs to do a search so there are no repeated posts. You could have just added to the original post. Just saying... I will also link you to the OP seeing as you "cant find it"
  4. Same for carrots too, I picked up a stack of 24 carrots off one pig... what can I say, he was fat and I needed poop
  5. Killing or luring Turkeys has become a nightmare for me, they seem to eat so quickly that I can no longer use berries to lure them as before I get close enough to land the deciding blow, they have already finished their snack and are moving on. Since the tweak for Gobbles I have found it increasingly hard to kill him. He now eats berries at an incredible rate and god forbid if there's more than one Gobbles in the area. I have resorted to the age old tactic of running the turkey to the edge of the island to kill him which can take quite a while. I have tried putting berries on the floor, and multiple stacks of berries to keep the turkey busy but because they eat so fast, they either just destroy all of my berries or they run as Soon as I get close. They react very quickly so finding the opportune moment to pounce them seems very difficult. I don't know if this is just me but I am struggling with turkeys a lot!
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [sound] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Abigail Unsilenced Steps to reproduce I spawned into a game as Wendy the ghost girl and set up camp, then Abigail came to pay me a visit. I really didin't like the constant ghost noises so I turned all of my volumes to 0 only to find I could still hear Abigail. Describe your issue I don't know if you can still hear Abigail if the volume was already at 0 but if you had them up and decide to turn her down or off altogether it just doesn't work. I ended up switching character because the too frequent ghostly noises were very loud and pretty annoying, I wouldn't have minded if the spooky vocals weren't so often, maybe this also needs looking at, the ghost is a very nice idea but the sounds seem a little broken with her at the moment.
  7. I already made a post for this one... You really should use the search function to save on the double posts.
  8. She is a ghost and is meant to be harmful, i don't think this is a bug, its easy to avoid her
  9. I can confirm this has happened to me several times also, my scientist ended up with beautiful golden locks of hair
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Issue title Craft Menu popup Steps to reproduce I don't fully recall when this start happening or what I did to make it happen. I just started happening a little then started happening a lot! Then the craft menu just popped up with random crafts every time I picked something up. Describe your issue I was playing Don't Starve for a while and for some reason I noticed the craft menu would randomly appear on the left when I was just milling about my camp. It didn't happen so much at first but then I noticed it started to happen more frequently, but only as I picked up items off the ground. The way I fixed this was by restarting the game.
  11. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Issue title Multiple Mandrakes won't follow Steps to reproduce I went out in the night purposely to bring 2 living mandrakes back to my camp. Turned out that only one would follow me and the other just danced. Even when I went back to get the second he only danced once I uprooted him. Describe your issue So I headed out to the forest during the night to awaken and bring back to my camp 2 Mandrakes which I found. I plucked the first and he started to follow me, so I went and plucked the second. The second was active and dancing but wouldn't move at all, I tried interacting with him but I couldn't do anything with the second one once he was dug up. I decided to take the first back to my camp and come back later for the second. The next night I went to grab the second Mandrake but found once I uprooted him he was still stuck on the spot just dancing. He wouldn't even face me to show that he was attached to me or willing to follow, he just bounced on the spot doing his happy dance. I gave up in the end and just left him there.
  12. I can confirm this. Dried bushes turn in to twigs. I like it!
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Issue title Sea dissapeared Steps to reproduce I was scouting the edges of my map and from the default camera angle I headed north or up, once I got so far the sea stopped showing and there was just blackness, like a floating island in space, this has happened on more than one map Describe your issue I created a new map and went to explore out the top of the island. From the default camera position (the way it was facing) I headed north and noticed the sea stopped appearing after a while and there was just blackness. I currently run the game in windowed mode but even tried this in full screen once the bug had already occurred but it was still the same. Note this only seems to happen at the highest point of a map.
  14. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Issue title Wolfgang Face Clipping with beekeeper hat Steps to reproduce This is just a general clipping issue when wolfgang is wearing the beekeeper hat. I was just standing around in my camp at the time. Describe your issue As I was tending to my bees with my new character I donned the new beekeeper hat and noticed that when Wolfgang is stood side on you can see his massive manly chin sticking out of the hat yet from the front on view his chin is within the confines of his hat. I didn't know if this was intentional or something you may want to look into.