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  1. Oh damn, thats some serious epic fail Anyway, welcome to the beta
  2. Here is another interesting story. I wasnt able to play on my i5 intel hd graphics laptop, the game would just close. But with the opengl beta i managed to play lag free. Now when i uninstalled the latest hp driver and manage to bypass and install the latest driver it started on the normal version without closing, however the lag is horrendous. So i guess it only works on the special bea of a beta version
  3. So I don't really have a lot to trade, unless you like nuclear dawn and dota 2.. I think 6$ should be good enough to trade seeing how the price was 12$ for 2 copies. Edit: Traded with someone, how to close this thread
  4. $5 for dont starve steam key

    I'm willing to give you 5$ paypal for a don't starve steam key. PM me. Edit: Nvm, managed to trade with someone.