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  1. Exact same thing for me with Chrome. My system specs are about the same as OP's with the exception that I run Vista. The lag is unplayable with sound files also lagging. The game appears to be moving at about 50% normal speed.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number - Issue title Jesus Pig walks the earth Steps to reproduce Put pig farm near water & behold His glory! Describe your issue We have the Pig King and now at long last his Son walks the waters of Don't Starviam. Anyway, kind of annoying when I'm trying to farm meat and skins. My pig(s) from a farm near the western boarder of one of my circles of land routinely heads out to sea. This happens on its own and sometimes when I try to attack.
  3. I am experiencing the same problem. Bees glitch and are unable to path. This is happening with butterflies as well. Capturing the bees with bug net and releasing works less than 25% of the time. The remainder of attempts the bees and butterflies are unable to path and "flicker". Any attempt to reset, e.g., picking the flower, harvesting honey to draw aggro, capturing to draw aggro, does not work. Restarting game does not work.
  4. I get the title "Don't Starve". So is the point to wander around picking berries and killing rabbits while cutting down two trees per day to stave off the night? What's the goal? Where's the end game? What am I playing toward? Eat a few cooked berries a day and chop down one to two trees while harvesting three grass? Is that the goal of the game? Is the game designed to test my endurance at repeating the following tasks. 1. Eat four to five cooked berries/rabbits/birds. 2. Chop down two trees. 3. Harvest three grass. I can do that on day one. After watching a few hours of live Don't Starve play on I made the plunge and bought the game. Are you watching how people are playing on Twitch? That's what interested me and that is how the majority of people are playing the game--at least those streaming their play. 1. They pick up enough resources on day one to start a fire and survive. 2. From day two onward they build and flesh out a "base" or in some cases "bases": Fire pit, science machine(s), crock pot, turbo farms, etc., etc. They're playing toward a goal, perhaps one you don't approve of, but a goal. That goal is building up a large, self-sustaining base. From what I've read from the dev team houses and structures that would facilitate a base would encourage "turtling up"--which isn't what you have in mind. Okay, sounds good. So what do you have in mind? What's the point in surviving say one day versus three hundred when day three hundred is just as easy as day one? In fact, the hardest day to survive as of right now is day one. After day one the only way to die is to get caught harvesting resources (for a base you don't want us to build). Maybe you forget to execute step 2, i.e., you don't chop down two trees and are unable to start a fire. Or maybe I forget step 3 and neglect to harvest three grass. Dying to npcs--spiders, pigs, beefalo--is a voluntary act or an act of misplay, e.g., accidentally clicking to attack a beefalo. All npcs can be kited and none of them drop items you need to "not starve". Suggestion: If the goal is to not starve the "longest", then perhaps some type of ramping up of resistance with a reward for hitting a certain day count would be of interest. Perhaps at the beginning there is plenty of resources and few threats (npcs). The player is allowed to store up excess and devise a strategy to hold on. As the days go by, the game would become progressively more difficult. There could be rewards for making it to day 100, 200, 300, etc.
  5. This happens to me too. I just assumed that the gobbler eats the berries since he pauses and seems to do a stuffing his face animation. After reading this I let the bush sit (maybe one night, could have been two) and the berries were back. This was well before they would respawn if I picked them.
  6. If the idea was/is to make the night time "the biggest threat" then Willow needs to be removed from the game as she is immune to the biggest threat. Also, night only presents a challenge to a new player for the first two days of in game time. After that a player (should have) has more than enough wood and grass to make all the fires they will need. I have yet to die at night. I would be surprised if anyone has died more than once at night do to the threat of darkness alone.
  7. As Soon as I started playing I established a "base of operation" that I would try to be back at by nightfall. I think most people play similarly (perhaps an interesting point for a sociologist). I like coming "home" at night, even though it's just a patch of farms, berry bushes and grasses--that I try, and sometimes fail, to not burn down. I recommend having a base house that can be built. Making it 3D would be difficult given the layout of the game, so I would say simply show an animation of the door opening and closing and then show our character climbing into bed through an outside window. This would be something that would be obtainable "mid-game" in the tech tree after the player has accumulated a stash of resources. I recommend making the houses upgradeable where items grown at the farm or obtained from the environment allow the house to be slowly externally improved--perhaps it starts as a shack and then slowly becomes a mansion. I would also recommend fences for farms. The rabbits and various wildlife would eat your vegetables and berries if you don't have them properly fenced in otherwise. And perhaps a scarecrow that can be made to fend of the crows that would eat your vegetables. Last, have items that can only be obtained at night (in addition to fireflies). These items could be vanity items for a player's base or powerful items that improve attack/defense power. In exchange the areas that have these items would be more dangerous and require greater player skill to survive.
  8. Why I can't post in bug tracker is beyond me. Anyway, while playing Willow I researched the flute. Thereafter, every time I picked up an item the tech tree automatically opened and displayed the build flute box. The only way to fix this was to relog. This was on Chrome.