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  1. I want little mandrake pets. Can we get a replacement item that is rare that takes over the mandrake duties?
  2. Using this i changed the extension from jpg to zip and tried to open it in case there is hidden data to no avail. Also, opening it in notepad and looking towards the end was just gibberish for me :(Their death -> referencing an end maybeis your beginning -> to start looking maybe
  3. In the MacTusk picture if you lighten and increase the contrast (I used the GIMP)you get this Looks like MAX grid coordinates again Scrambled letters for the word properties. In File Properties (Windows 8) Title and Subject: "Greetings, mortals. I'm so glad that you've been paying attention. I can assure you that it is about to pay off. I have something very special planned. Keep your eyes peeled, and you shall be rewarded!" Tags: Secrets; Lies; Prophecy; Authors: Maxwell
  4. Can we get Woody as the next character ? This robot boy is great lol
  5. I really really hope it is. That sound file was freaky sounding and I want to see what it was.
  6. I don't seem to get many teeth from drops myself but I do like them and like that you can pick em up and redeploy them.
  7. I am ALL for Moar giant things that want to kill us. I have faith in you guys but so far we only have giant tree monsters and spider queens. Here's my vote for rock golems and other awesome things you guys can think up.
  8. This support makes me smile . i kinda want a Krampus plush doll thinger now too.
  9. Seeing this: made me worried. Krampus is easily my favorite character in the game so far and I don't want him to go away. Never knowing when exactly he will come and try and steal your stuff is great. Please don't let him get removed. Anyone else that likes him can make their voices heard. Save Krampus 2012