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  1. My tallbirds glitched out. They stopped chasing me maybe 2/3rd across the island we were on and started walking back. And then they simply disappeared. I still have the two raw eggs. But looking at this thread it seems like raising a smallbird into a big one doesn't seem plausible.
  2. I keep an amulet in my backpack in the instances where my brain has ceased to function. For example just yesterday I was moving stuff from one chest to another and lost track of time, night-time came by and in a hurry I dragged the wood in my inventory to the fire pit but I must have aimed a little too high because I dropped it. When I picked it back up night-time came and I wasn't able to "Add Fuel" to my firepit despite clicking in the general direction of it. I tried to make a new fire in a hurry but it seems like I can't do that either in complete darkness. So I just put on my Amulet and let the thing beat me to death. Revived in the morning.
  3. I think my tall birds glitched out. I ran away from them until they were no longer interested in me, and when I went to visit them later they weren't around. Went to find them later on in the game and they're still not back to their nests. I'm inclined to believe that they have simply glitched out because it was daytime when they were supposedly walking back to their nests, that means they would not have been eaten by spiders. Thank goodness I kept two of their eggs raw.
  4. The price of one copy is still the $12 US on Steam. It's just that right now in the beta stage they're offering you a bonus copy along with your purchase.
  5. I feel like we're stepping into some really ambitious grounds here, but I see what your point is. I like how you hinted that research can be done differently by each character: -Wilson dumps things into his makeshift machines. -Willow can construct burning effigies/altars that she can burn stuff in. -Wendy can conjure another nightly visitor with some other construct, and she researches items by feeding them into its mouth. -Wolfgang can construct a "science hammer" of sorts and he can gain research points by bashing stuff with it. Personally this seems a lot more dynamic than the prototype system that has been floating around.
  6. I did not know WASD worked. I'll have to try it. Also yes I realize that clicking down on a spot makes me run, but that still does not help when the spot I click on out of panic is a tree stump.
  7. I've died twice with Wilson now where I'm frantically trying to run from something and I end up spam clicking on a tree stump. Which meant Wilson would stand there and comment on how he showed that tree who's boss while two tentacles beat him to death. I suggest that regular clicking brings your character to the location of the object if the cursor is resting on an object. And a separate function is used to examine objects on your screen/inventory. I found out that Shift+clicking an inventory item not equipped acts as an examine function, make this universal for in-world items as well. At the very least implement an in-game cursor that is larger and more apparent so it's more clear where I'm clicking when trying to run from something. And you know what, while I'm here: WASD for movement.
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Issue title Burnt Trees Regrow - No Audio when cutting Steps to reproduce 1. Burn tree 2. Don't cut it down 3. Wait a few in-game days 4. Revisit area 5. Cut down newly grown trees Describe your issue When I burnt an area to retrieve the charcoal, I left 4 trees burnt and not cut down. When I later revisited the area I noticed that they had regrew into normal trees. When I tried to cut them the axe-cutting sound does not kick in but the tree still gets cut just fine. Upon cutting down the tree it drops both tree stuff (logs and pine cones) as well as a piece of charcoal. I'm not entirely sure if burnt trees coming back to life as real trees is a design choice or not, but I'm pretty sure the Axe-cutting-tree audio bit not playing when cutting down these trees is a bug.
  9. Love the fast feedback Kevin. Off to try and not starve.
  10. Same problem here. I believe loading my save worked yesterday when I first bought the game. I quit my game then loaded it back up just to see where the game had saved. And it worked. Not two minutes ago I tried to Continue like you did and it crashes. Steam says Don't Starve has downloaded a non-existent patch prior to this happening (says 0 bytes/0bytes downloaded). Verifying game files does nothing to fix the problem. And I just had just researched spears and was well on my way to research a hat.