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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Issue title Rebuildable Meat Effigy Steps to reproduce I tryed to hammer a already used/broken meat effigy and it went back to normal. Describe your issue Hi, I just found a really weird exploit in the game. I got killed by werepigs but thankfully I had a meat effigy build. The next morning in the game I had the idea of using a hammer on the used up/broken meat effigy and maybe get some boards back. Instead when I hit it once, it went back to normal. I'm not really the scientific type to test out if it can be used to revive yourself again but I'm pretty sure its not supposed to happen (if it does then thats kinda unfair). It's either an exploit or just a graphical glitch.
  2. Same problem here, I could play just fine about 6 hours ago.