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  1. How to escpae werepigs ?!

    Went on a 3 day expedition - came back to find all my pigs had turned to the dark side; all 10 of them :3 Ran them into swarms of spiders. (Y)
  2. These may have already been said, or are void because I am noob (?). Straw rolls should last forever - or if this makes it too convenient, at least decrease the cost of crafting. The cost of crafting isn't worth skipping one night time. Camera rotation! Picking things up from behind other objects is cumbersome. More friends and followers - more/different ways to befriend creatures. For example the buffalo hat causes buffalo to follow you. I'm Mclovin' this game.
  3. New recipes

    4 cooked fish makes wet goop. sadface.
  4. Regrown burned trees

    A few things I have noticed - not sure if these are intentional, or have been overlooked; 1. Trees that have been burned then regrown dont make a sound when chopping, and also drop normal loot (pine cone + log) as well as charcoal. 2. Building on buffalo plains causes buffalo to disappear - or at least drastically reduce in numbers. 3. 4 cooked fish makes wet goop in crock pot. Sick game, really enjoying it (Y)
  5. Build Popup

    I also have this issue. Whenever you interact in anyway, the last item in the tool bar that you selected pops up. Selecting then deselecting the tool bar does not fix the problem.