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  1. I would like to see some more weapons in the game, for example a bow, made of wood and spiderwebs, arrows made of sticks and feathers. So with this you could implent deer like animals to hunt for food, all this fast animals you just can't get with an slow spear. And how about some fences we can build to protect our campside from raiding bunnys that want to eat all our crops and berrys ?Of course, for the fences we need raiding animals first, but i hope you get my idea. My english just isn't good enough to explain it any better
  2. Well i'm one of these that experience bad slowdowns / freeze on saves. I think i found a "fix" for the slowdown atleast, not much of a fix to be honest, but the slowdowns almost vanished for me. All i did was turning all the ingame sounds to 0. Before that my game slowed down after 3-5 ingame day, now i played 25 day straight without a single slowdown, the short freezing on saves are still there, but meh, can live with it. With sounds on, it feels like some kind of memory leak after a few ingame days, newer PC's don't seem to be bothered by that, but older ones feel it immediately i guess. Hope this helps, and it's not just me imagine things. TL;DR Try turning off ingame sounds, worked for me. Ps, sorry about my english