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  1. Let's hope those fridges don't cost a fortune. I'd need about.. say.. 10 of them~
  2. Timezone, Y U so cruel to us Germans? Can't wait to play the new update. Going to have me a massive streaming package.
  3. I think that would be a bit too excessive. Atleast the tentacle part. :3 The burning forest part.. I don't know Sounds kinda good.
  4. You'll know who I am when you see it. I'm probably the only person on twitch with over 9000 research points.
  5. Really good idea. A final battle kinda.. I have about 25 Pig houses and 9 spider eggs. Maybe I should try.
  6. Hey guys, I've been streaming Don't starve for a good time on twitch now, and I've been working my way through this current (and my first, too) playthrough up to almost 365 days (347 now) and I'm still not able to grasp a way to properly finish this off. I don't just want to get myself killed 6 times over. I want to go down with a massive bang. Something to recap all we've done and what we've achieved so far. Anyone got some ideas? :3
  7. Hey guys, I've loved this game so far, and I thought I should give something back to summarize the experiences and thoughts I've met throughout my 118 days of survival so far. # TOC: • 1.0 Survival Thoughts - 1.1 Farming w/ plots - 1.2 Hoarding Berries (New Patch) - 1.3 Hoarding Twigs/Grass - 1.4 Cooking • 2.0 Gameplay Thoughts - 2.1 Island Creation - 2.2 Landscape feedback • 3.0 Equipment Thoughts - 3.1 Current items - 3.2 Equipment ideas - 3.3 The "forget me not" • 4.0 Additional feedback 1.0 Survival Thoughts As far as survival in this game is concerned, there's only so much of a difficulty curve until eventually it goes into autopilot mode unless you're going out, looking for trouble just to get you killed - 1.1 Farming w/ plots Farming should be way more rewarding in my opinion. Although you can get some rare fruits out of this, it just doesn't feel as easy as it would through monster farms or even berry bushes. Maybe you could add something to farming that would be an ingredient to a special receipe? Maybe even buffs, that would give food you cook with this fruit/vegetable an additional effect? (Hit harder, run faster, take less damage) An example: Dragon Fruits so far have seemed fairly rare to me. Now if you were to bake a pie out of it, you could eat it and get a buff for 1 entire day, which would give you - say - 30% more armor, or in other words, your 100% logsuit would behave as if it was 130%, or your naked 100 health would be 130 health damage-wise. - 1.2 Hoarding Berries (New Patch) I feel like the nerf to berry bushes has only made the difficulty curve on the early game a lot steeper, given that you don't have a manure farm next to your spawn it's literally impossible to plant a farm of those early on, which sure is fine, but during endgame - say 30 days and on - once you've found that piece of land that gives you enough manure it doesn't even matter if you have berries or not, because there are so many more alternative sources of food. - 1.3 Hoarding Twigs/Grass The option to transplant twigs and grass just makes this material a given. I don't feel the need to ever go out and grab more than my stack of 40 grass/twigs I get every x days due to my transplanted tufts/saplings. - 1.4 Cooking Cooking, as I have mentioned in another thread already, should give the meals prefixes, depending on how the relation between ingredients and fillers is, just so you can differentiate between a meal that has 1 meat in it and a meal that has 3-4 meat in it (of course, because you take them depending on how low your hunger bar is and you don't want to waste a 60 hunger meal if you only need 20) 2.0 Gameplay Thoughts - 2.1 Island Creation I guess you probably know where this idea is from, but why not give the user the possibility to give the game a seed and create an island from that? It'd be great to share good seeds with other people if they wish to have some, depending on the preferences of the gamer of course. (Should be an advanced option, but it should be there :3) - 2.2 Landscape feedback I have seen some minor bugs on the Landscape creation that haven't really annoyed me, but I feel like every bug should be adressed. Sometimes it happens that either complete Trees/Stones are unreachable because they're too close to the ocean, even items fall into those positions sometimes, where you can't pick them up and just run towards the border of said island. 3.0 Equipment Thoughts - 3.1 Current items The set of items is pretty good so far, it gives you a basic idea of what is to come and isn't too confusing at all. The only thing I would love to see would be better sets of combat items, since spears and log suits don't last very long at all, and if you want to go for a swamp area that's very far away from your base, you'd have to take atleast 2-3 of each with you, asides from your bug net, your fishing rod, food, tools and so on. - 3.2 Equipment ideas What would I need in order to make the end-endgame a little more convenient? - Backpacks to store like an additional row of items - Better Armor and Weapons to add general convenience on their durability/power - Maybe enchantments to make certain items more powerful/durable - Different types of armors against different types of enemies (Like the bee keeper hat for bees) - Books to keep all the receipes that you have found out so far, maybe even monster types, just to get a use for that papyrus! - 3.3 The "Forget me not" There should be 1 single flower in this game (A very rare find, only once per island creation) that is called the "Forget me not" which gives you the unique oppurtunity to keep your entire character's equipment and start over with the same, fresh island that you've spawned in initially. Basically once you've gathered up all the resources and you have for instance 5 stacks of gold, a set of weapons/foods/whatever you can eat the flower's petals, or even cook it with some other rare ingredients and it'll restart the game with your current gear. I'd enjoy this to make a character last through more than like 100 days without the world barely being harvestable anymore. 4.0 Additional feedback Here's some minor ideas that I'm just going to throw in. Some of them have been heavily bothering me to say the least: - You should give a player an opportunity to actually use the tent on his first playthrough. I'm on my very first start and I'm living through 'til day 120-ish, but I can't use other characters. Maybe you could calculate how much XP this run WOULD give and enable the characters through the tent on the fly. - The meat effigy is just a way too easy thing to accomplish endless runs, it's too forgiving for the little ressources that it needs. Maybe atleast give it a Mandrake as an ingredient, or even multiple rare ingredients (Farms come into play here again!!) - Of course I haven't listed every single of my opinions on there, basically because I think that the ideas to add more monsters and this and that and whatnot are a given and have already been taken into consideration, so that's why this feedback is not that unnecessarily comprehensive - Keep going like you already are, you're awesome guys and I really love that your devs actually make their way to the people that play this game and listen to feedback. I can't say this happens everywhere, but you guys definately give me that feel of being part of the development with those suggestions, I thank you all for taking your time and reading your way through this and I really hope you're staying awesome like that.
  8. Oh well, I didn't even notice.. Like at all. If that's the case, I feel like it still should change the name/prefix of that meal, just so you can differentiate between 1-3 receipes and 4-0 receipes for instance, once they're in your inventory.. It feels like that would make sense after all.
  9. Hey there sirs and madams, I've been playing on my first playthrough for 45 days now (Thanks to a few streamers like Frag who have given me Ideas and hints for survival.) And I have had so much fun so far! So first off, I'd like to extend my thanks for giving us such a great game to play with and I really can't wait for more content as it goes. There's something, however, that would be lovely to see in my opinion: So far, if you put food into the crock pot, you usually go for 1 piece of food + 3 grass/twigs and you get the same quality of food no matter how many pieces of food you put into there. You always get the same item. Wouldn't it be great that if you put less of those "fillers" into the crock pot, the better quality your food gets, and the more HP/Stomach it will recover? Let's say for example the Meaty Stew (Which you would normally make using 1 generic meat + 3 grass): 1 Meat + 3 Grass = Meaty Stew 2 Meat + 2 Grass = Tasty Meaty Stew 3 Meat + 1 Grass = Delicious Meaty Stew 4 Meat + 0 Grass = Exquisite Meaty Stew This would encourage people to walk around with those high-quality foods in their inventory instead of using the usual 1+3 reciepe, since it takes less time to recover X stomach/health due to the need to only cook once instead of 4 times to manufacture something out of 4 meat. Really hope this is taken into concern, I'd love to save up some inventory/storage space during my journeys.