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  1. Heck ever since my first encounter with a treant I guess? I fear cutting down every tree in a group. That's something to accomplish. What's more it happens just rare enough that it doesn't become bothersome. There is a great balance here so far, and I want it kept. it doesn't take much to add personality to a game, just some varience. Wind at strong or soft levels, shrinking light, creepy things that will just sometimes go bump in the night. I really look forward to seeing what this game will do. It's also something I will find myself playing down the road.
  2. I love how this game can be just so darn creepy. I'm afraid of the bloody trees! I walk a forest and when a tree grows or shrinks I just jump. It's wonderful and really keeps you on your seat sometimes. Keep that, it's awesome. I would like to suggest a few things that might happen to make the game even more scary. The idea I had was at night when you are trapped next to your campfire make things happen like a mist on the edges, or a soft creepy sound like footsteps, or strong wind. Of course I would also suggest this only happened once every 8-10 days Something that wouldn't be over used. Also probably best to have it happen midway from dawn, so you can be sure it's not wasted if I'm using a sleeping bag. I dunno it's just an idea I had for consideration. I look forward to seeing what you do make, and I thank you for your time, and game.
  3. I do understand you are working hard to fix this. I mean the game is in the beta stages, so I don't expect everything to work perfectly. I just really wanted to bring it to your attention, and wonder if a save file would be a better idea. I have always had cloud disabled. I was able to save and load correctly a few times, and then I would lose a save once in awhile, and then save would work again. I'm not sure why it works like that, but I don't hope it gets fixed upon full release, and I thank you for your time put in to this great game.
  4. Because of the bug now when I'm finished playing, normally around day 25 ish, I just die. Best to just get the xp. I really hope this gets fixed, but like I'm saying at least have it make a save file so I can back up.
  5. All was going nicely. I made it to day 21, which is no small feat in a game that's trying so hard to kill you. I waited for a new day to spawn for the auto-save, waited a minute after just to be sure it was done, and then quit. Came back and the save is deleted.. No reason. I had cloud disabled, and I didn't mess with any of the files, so wth. It would all be more simple if it would save a file to the steam folder, but I can't find that anywhere, not even searching for files modified whenever I saved. Is there some ellusive save file that I can copy for a back up or something? I really don't want to keep losing my work. I had a huge farm and tree collection going... hours of work.