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  1. Not sure if this has been suggested already, but a hall of fame for your survival, similar to Civ V's Hall of Heroes, would be an excellent way for people to see their previous accomplishments, and adds a lot of replay value, as people will want to beat their high scores. I know I would! I would suggest character and days survived, maybe 5 slots in the hall of fame, and, after clicking on the hall of fame entry, stats could be shown (enemies killed, different foods eaten, total food/health restored, wood chopped, etc.) I dont' think there should be too many stats, as I maybe glanced at the gta stats once or twice, but having stats like enemies killed and different foods would inspire people to play the game in many different ways.
  2. Originally Posted by Finallink Solved! I was having the same issue. One computer was running it smoothly while the other was at an extremely low FPS. To solve, i went into the nvidia control panel > manage 3d settings > program settings. Since it is a steam game, you probably will have to add Don't Starve to the program list. To add it, the Default path for the game is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\bin. In "bin" You should see a file called dontstarve_steam. From there, on the "specify settings for this program" in the nvidia control panel. I turned on triple buffering and vertical sync. I havent tested this extensively but so far the game has been running smoothly. Hope this helps! Cheers This worked for me i have the same exact video card.
  3. I had the same exact problem! I found the solution in another thread. I have the same exact video card and the problem was that my video card had triple buffering/vertical sync disabled for the game. Open up your NVIDIA control panel, choose manage 3D settings, and select Don't Starve under program settings (you may have to browse for it, it's in steam/common/don't starve/bin). Turn on triple buffering and vertical sync and it should work! Not sure which fixed the problem but enjoy.
  4. This worked for my NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M Video Card.
  5. This worked for my NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M video card.
  6. Same Issue. Windows 7 64-bit Intel Core i7-2630qm 2.0 GHz, 6MB L3 Cache NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M 4GB DDR3 Memory