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  1. Hi my name's RiptidePow, I'm a broadcaster over at Twitch.TV. You may have seen my exclusive preview of the Winter Patch last month. I'll be streaming live gameplay of Don't Starve Monday 4/1/13 at 7am EDT for a few hours so swing on by and join in on the conversation. http://Twitch.TV/Riptidepow hope to see you there!
  2. After doing the exclusive Winter Patch preview/interview with [MENTION=8]Kevin[/MENTION] , I've been thinking about a few ideas. He mentioned Wendy and how it would be cool to have an ability with a cooldown that would summon Abigail. I've thought up a few myself and thought I'd share them with you all. Wilson- An ability that lets him use a handheld teleporter remote device that teleports him to his original spawn point in the world, but at the cost of 100 sanity. Would be used in only the worst situations possible. Long cooldown. Wolfgang- Since he's supposed to be nerfed, the definition of strong man might be difficult to redefine. Maybe he could have an ability to add damage to his attacks for a few seconds but at the cost of a certain amount of hunger. Of course the cooldown would have to be moderately long due to the potential overpowered-ness it could have. Willow- (Derickrawr on Twitch had this idea) Instead of the fire in the dark ability, maybe she could have an AOE fire ability that catches anything around her within a certain radius on fire. If used at the wrong place, wrong time this could cause problems with trees and Chester. WX78- An ability that makes him attack/swing tools faster. His arms would move super fast and maybe make a sound kinda like a old machine with rusty gears. Moderate cooldown length and makes him hungry (Think battery power) Wes- Throws a invisible lasso that ties an enemy to an object nearby. Long cooldown and maybe a 5 second duration. Wickerbottom- Yells "BE QUIET!!!" and makes enemies within a certain radius cower in fear for a few seconds. Would only work on small enemies like spiders and pigmen.
  3. I've been playing Don't Starve for a few months now and have seen it grow from what my friends called a "Tim Burton's Terraria" to a vastly amazing game with potential so great that it literally shakes the foundation of what I thought made a game great. I am so excited for what a completed Adventure Mode could bring to the game.
  4. After a 7 hour stream I'm too tired to play it haha
  5. I feel like I cheesed the fight with the fire darts, and even though I mention a buff at the end of the kill video I personally feel that he might be perfect the way he is already. Only time will tell.
  6. I had a blast! Dat eye was mmmmmmmmmm!MacTusk N' Son Kill Video: Kill Video:
  7. Here is the entire video of the interview/gameplay of the Winter Patch. I'm also working on highlights of the MackTusk N' Son and Deerclops kills.
  8. If you're bored while waiting for the patch preview event to start, feel free to swing on by the channel at 10am EST. I'll be playing the non-preview version of Don't Starve till the event time. Twitch.TV/Riptidepow/new
  9. The preview event starts at 11am PST/2pm EST and I plan on streaming for quite awhile. I'm just as in love with this game as most of you are so I'm super stoked to play the patch.
  10. Twitch.TV records all streams, but since I will be live prior to the event I will be making a highlight of the preview event and I'm sure if I don't post it here on the forums someone at Klei will.
  11. One of the devs would have to confirm that. I can neither confirm nor deny.
  12. Yes sir I am the sir gentlemen that will be streaming the exclusive preview. The gentlemen of gentlemens....gentleman