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  1. Has nobody unlocked her yet? I can't find any information on her anywhere. Not even a picture!
  2. There's a piece of gold that spawns off the south end of one of my islands on my current map. It's just floating there about 2cm off the coast line.
  3. Tried to play the game today. Gave me the error message in the thread title. Says "YOU HAVE TO PICK ONE IF YOU WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME". So I picked one. I picked 'the cloud' (god that's such an annoying marketing buzzword and people need to quit saying it). As a result of my choice I lost over 45 days of time in one of my games, and I lost the game afterward entirely. I had played Wendy to the night of day 80 at which point I decided to suicide, hoping to have enough EXP to unlock the following two characters. Of course, the game capped me after unlocking just wolfgang, so presumably I went to a lot of extra effort for no benefit whatsoever. I had since played wolfgang to nearly day 20. And then I got on today. Wolfgang is gone, and I'm back into the very early parts of my Wendy save. Is there anything I can do to recover my actual file? And how/why did this happen?