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  1. Oh it's different? I thought they where the same due to the way the look. Than perhaps not... but I think it should. Guess I will have to test too
  2. Wrong, every character can make an effigy, people just may not know that a certain beefy animal can be shaved at night. So yes all characters can make the effigy.
  3. I bet Wilson's backpack is made of beard hair, and perhaps with a wild guess there is no more effigy.. And instead we use Wilson's themed backpacks to transfer item's across single world's. I think the idea they are going for is that each character has unique abilities that is very important, using tents is going to be a must. Wilson can gather more materials than anyone else, but with proper materials can craft everyone else's based off the theme? Willow can make cheap charcoal, and play it safe and you can traverse the night with Willow, you just have to be a bit more patient and careful. Wolfgang make's hunting a lot easier, and is better suited for defending camp at night. Which is why you level up to get access to them giving you more options and improvements, the main premise for this game is that as you play more it gradually gives you all the tools you need to survive, if you use your brain at least. Fair but challenging in the long run!
  4. Even if it is just loading the files 10-15 minutes to fully load is way too long of a loading time. For a game that is around 100+ Megs in total size, that kind of loading time makes no sense to me And YES I have timed the loading (generally 8-10 minutes on average, more if the internet is slow, which happens often for me longest ever was 45 minutes) Which is why I am sure it is redownloading the files. The steam version loads fine, but I really like the Chrome version because it easy to just pause/play and browse without having to alt-tab all the time. But the loading times is really driving me batty
  5. If I had faster download speeds for my internet I probably would never have noticed the issue, but due to my miserable 120Kbps it takes too long to load The reason it's even more of an issue is because I reload the game after a long period of play due to the fact Chrome likes to be a bastard with continued use and eats all my RAM after a while only 2 gigs here And no I can't upgrade as I am a poor bastard so please refrain from the "get a better computer" messages
  6. I am going nuts over this issue, and I have searched the forums yet have not found anyone else having this issue. The game is re-downloading all the zip files every time I launch the game. After the loading bar finishes loading the executable, the game then proceeds to download the zip files which with my internet speed tend's to take around 10-15 minutes. Normally I wouldn't have an issue with this if it only did it when the game has been updated, but this is happening every time I attempt to play... Leading me to just not want to play at all. 10-15 minutes may not seem like a lot to many people, and I am sure plenty of people are not having an issue just letting it stay loaded while browsing, but my computer is not powerful enough to handle my browsing habits with the game loaded in the background. I have tried a ton of different things attempting to solve this issue, and many reinstalls of Chrome all together just to attempt fixing it. I have even jumped into advanced Chrome settings and even verified that my About:Cache page for Chrome shows the game is properly Cached. Checked the folder the game is saved to and installed in.... Yet the game still takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes to fully load.... I have even tried Chrome Canary which still persists with the same issue. Please help thanks! @Kregoth