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  1. Puzzle Thread

    Ok, that theory is a little far fetched. Even for me. I dunno, that could make some sense. just a little bit.
  2. Puzzle Thread

    Seems like they did xD
  3. Puzzle Thread

    By the looks of the Image, and by the size of it, I'd bet it's part of a bigger image. If we really couldn't get anything, I guess maybe we should wait to see if they update the image in the next days?
  4. Puzzle Thread

    Don't think so. this one has a hoodie, Charlie is wearing more of a raincoat with a little hat.
  5. Puzzle Thread

    I know it's not much, but I'll leave this here. It just makes more sense that the doorknob on the back door is on the right, I guess?
  6. Strange new powers depicted!

    I'll think about it. I'd like more to see other people do it tho!
  7. "you mean a simple billion volt discharge like this will fry any human's main processor? How pathetic!"
  8. \y/nothing special\y/ about this :3
  9. Checkmate *spoilers*

    Thanks for the apreciation
  10. Oh snap Max, he got you!
  11. New recipes

    Just tested some Butter + Drumstick (2/2) and no luck (meaty stew) I had high hopes for some homemade KFC Plus some other stuff: butter + honey = wet goop butter + fish = wet goop butter + meat = meaty stew butter + corn/popcorn (had high hopes for tunning up my corn) = ratatouille butter + eggs = wet goop fish + eggs = wet goop I'll keep trying stuff with butter, but no luck so far
  12. New recipes

    Oh yeah, true that, my bad xP
  13. New recipes

    I'm starting to think Berries should be classified as filles, since they don't count as vegetables
  14. [spoiler] Wendy's....

    I managed to kill her but just because Wendy won't sleep when her sister is near (sorry sis ç.ç) No drops from her, but she's really usefull near sleeping beefalos. I wonder how they don't think it's strange that wne a little girl sleep amongst them about 3 to 5 of them disappear by morning xP
  15. Showing off fan art

    Woah this looks amazing! You really caught the game atmosfere there!