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  1. Response to the Kickstarter has been overwhelming. I went to sleep, by the time I woke up the Early Bird was sold out! I was lucky enough to reserve a Shadow Chester Plush. Now to see if I will have enough set aside over the 30 days to pay for it
  2. I am playing Wilson, and what happens to me is when my click Continue, my hunger level goes down (as in gets more hungry than before). Some screenshots: at Day 35 : at Day 36 : As you can see when Day 35 ends and gets saved, I quit. And then I click Continue to start Day 36. You can see at the start of Day 36 I still had my fire going, so I was not attacked in the dark, and you can see I was at Full when Day 36 ended. Hence it looks like a bug is causing my avatar to be mysteriously getting hungry (went from 100 to 64 in the space of one click).
  3. How many 'bulbs' does a fully upgraded spider nest have please? Assuming a nest starts with the 1 bulb.
  4. Assuming I kill the spiders in the day, cos yes less spiders come out of the nest. And after killing the spiders, I leave the nest alone. If I remember right, spiders drop silk, not just the nest itself. So if I do not destroy the nest, will the nest repopulate itself with spiders over time? Thereby having a supply of silk?
  5. Will only one tree guardian spawn at a time? It has to be killed before another one can spawn? The first time I saw one of these walking trees, it killed me easily. Only advantage I got over it was, I ran faster than it could walk.
  6. I wanted to ask about Spiders. Every time it gets dark, the spiders start coming out. In areas close to their nest they are aggressive and will chase me even when it is not fully dark. Even when I am next to a campfire, they will attack. So I am thinking to attack them and wipe out their nests, to end their attack spree basically. But I have seen some people talk about spider eggs and running out of silk. Seeing that spiders are a resource, I should ideally want to keep them around. How best should I deal with spiders and not get injured without using the log suit or some form of armor? How to get spider eggs?
  7. I was bringing meat to the King when a tentacle killed me. Will have to try again to accumulate materials. My research points I think are still low.
  8. I am still playing around with Wilson, pretty new to the game, only survived like 30 plus days so far.
  9. I think to those who call for increased difficulty, they see the focus of the game to be one of survival. Survival of the fittest, survival of the brainy-est. Not everyone will want to experience that degree of difficulty. Yes Don't Starve is the name of the game, yet it should not be made into the 'Be All' objective. Exploration counts for a large part of the game. People who have already played for a long time, they will make new worlds in order to explore. I do not think even they want their avatars to be killed off over a few missteps. I want to explore without worrying about 'Game Over' after few minutes.
  10. How powerful are those flames? If Willow were to run through a forest, will that set the forest ablaze? Will the burning trees burn her?
  11. Not exactly thrilled, since I am used to the 32 stacks, but its ok, I should be able to manage. At least the flint issue is getting a little easier. Running out of flint can be a death sentence, and it was for me until I read on here, the Pig King gives out gold.