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  1. Selling/trading 2 Don't Starve Keys

    No I never got it
  2. is it a chrome key ?

  3. Selling/trading 2 Don't Starve Keys

    Please do not offer me DOTA 2 Codes, Smite Codes, Hawken Codes, Or any ingame items (TF 2, DOTA 2, etc.) I'll accept any games/codes (steam or not) or paypal.
  4. Private message with offers.
  5. Selling a steam account for any amount of currency is a violation of the Steam Subscriber Agreement.
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Issue title Berry Bushes Become Twigs. Also not growing berrie Steps to reproduce Use a shovel and berry bush together. Describe your issue Picking up a berry bush and transplanting bushes makes them not grow berries no matter how far apart. Also picking up an already transplanted bush makes it become twigs?
  7. It'd be nice if you could rotate the camera time to time. For example it took me a good minute to pick up a gold nugget cause the pig king decided to throw it behind a house I dont think it'd ruin that pop-up book look going on either. Also I sometimes wish I could zoom out a little more instead of it moving in sometimes
  8. You can actually get free smite codes here
  9. GG valdrrak for trading for the steam key. Got chrome keys still
  10. Looking to purchase 1 key

    I PM'ed You.
  11. I dont have a gmail account linked with the email I used or anything. I used paypal. Where does it say that exactly? Don't you have the redeem the chrome keys technically for it to tied down to anything?