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  1. i bought this game on steam, but have also been having this problem.. though i was posting in the other steam isnt working thread... this may be redundant i guess. the glcrash test version DOES indeed work, but some things don't. for example: traps dont work. dunno why. but they dont produce the meat. and also i think one time i caught a bird in it somehow? it was almost entirely off screen but it wasnt baited so... idk, this also didnt produce meat. i was wondering if since i purchased the steam game if i can play it on chrome? i havent even tried yet... but, yeah. do i need a key for that?
  2. so, i am one of the ones with the steam not working issue. i went into steam, right clicked the game, went to properties -> betas, did the glcrash thang and the game runs now. its somewhat choppy but hardly noticeable. i actually just played the game a bit earlier at a mates house and its not just like it, but pretty close. the response times seem a little slowed and its not perfeclty smooth. other than that it runs great. its great to be able to play it finally even though its just the test. i havent noticed any problems except 3 bee's were just chillin in a group not doing anything.. other bee's were doin their thang tho. i've built a fire ring, planted mad trees around my research machine, havent seen any bunnies but i got a trap up near some of their holes to the kingdom of bunnies etc etc so theres that. thats my report. edit: i would also like to note that i would like to have it full screen but hey, to play at all is good enough for now
  3. sweet. i have the same error as everyone. i'm not even going to say it again, seems to me that you'll be working on it. i'll check back in later. real stoked to play though, looks fun as hell.