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  1. This is a steam issue and you should've known better that your choice was wrong. If you play the game, you play it locally. Therefore the files are changed locally. Now if the files between the cloud in the internet and your local files are different, which ones are the most up-to-date files? Pretty simple: Since the local files weren't uploaded to the cloud, the cloud files are older than your local files. It happens if you lost connection to Steam or the cloud of steam had some connectivity issues when it tried to upload your files. So remember: LOCAL FILES are always up to date though there's one excepton: If you switch between devices (e.g. different computers) then you may need to choose the files from the cloud, if you didn't play this game on this computer the last time you played it. I hope it helps to sort it out. And to recover files... well not possible, except Steam keeps loads of backups, which I actually doubt.
  2. Well I noticed that with spider meat but not with berries, which should actually work.
  3. First of all: I love it so far. Time consuming, yet really interesting and entertaining. I've noticed some things: When I try to chop or mine faster, I can use the fast clicking method. This method doesn't work for taking food. I need to wait for the animation stop and if I click too fast, the animation retriggers but I didn't eat anything yet. Maybe it could be fixed that way that it doesn't retrigger the animation before at least one type of food has decreased. The biggie piggie wants me to examine his berries, when I want to examine the piggie. Just needs to be renamed, nothing else. When I'm wearing a hat, it says I can examine it but instead I'm putting it back in to my inventory. Either change the action being described or add a description text for it. That's what I've noticed so far. Edit: Another bug I've noticed: Before I'm about to starve, I was eating some food and always died. I don't know at what percentage it happened but I died immediately after I've eaten something.