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  1. I like your game very much and I didn't had any problems with it yet until now, I was still at my 4th round begun with day 150 and then the game just randomly crashed. Now all the progress is gone D: Any help how I could restore the data? Thanks in advance
  2. I've discovered a nice and pretty useful glitch/bug. After attacking spiders with a torch and watching the whole forrest burning down I started to cut some of the trees. Everything was normal, I've got charcoal out of them and so I went on my journey while ignoring the rest of the burned down trees. The time passed by (I'm at day 53 now) I started to need Wood very badly (also the very rare flint) so I made myself some allies and started to let them cut the trees... There was no sound at all and after the were beeing cut down they didn't loose ony the wood logs, the pine cornes but also the charcoal aswell (there was no tree stump left!). Pretty useful and weird at the same time. I mean: it was only profit there is nothing bad about it, but I beleave its not supposed to be like that (is it?)... Its probably not a bug but I could need some help with that one: How do I get flints? I've mined nearly all stones and most of them didn't drop any of them (mostly olny 3-4 rocks) and I've searched 5 whole Islands to find some... hopeless :/ any tips for that problem?