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  1. What about a new thing like, an underground world that you can enter by a ladder with full of new experiences. Features, - Same/new rescources for example Crystals,Charcoal, Ores - New monsters for example Skeletons , Moles with tiny mining hats , Scorpions, Cockroaches, Worms, Beetles - No day/night time only darkness - Same/New friendly species "Check New/same monsters for example" There could be also different ground levels "to imagine easy what i am saying" , for example you can go deeper underground by ladders or maybe elevators "if it is not to hightechy". If you like my idea!, feel free to post any adding thoughts to it. or if you have a Critism about it, post it! Big Cuddle, Mr.Cuddles
  2. The Gobbler Bug report

    When i was normally doing my daily stuff, somthing appeared behind my stack of berry bushes.I was surprised!, it was a Fat turkey!. When i chased the "meatball" i killed it and dropped some meat ofc. it where 2 pieces of meat 1 normal meat like those from bunnys! and the other was diffrent, i dont know how it was called but!. I tried to cooked it, when i cooked it and trying to eat it my GAME crashed instantly. "talking about the steam version" i was very sad i liked that turkey so much and i whiped a tear of my face Greetings Prof.Wilson