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  1. JLK, I've tried out the chrome demo again, and it plays just like it always has. The chrome demo has occasional choppiness to it which only seems like it would really impair combat or timing-specific tasks that may be added later, and even then it would certainly still be playable. Based on streams I have seen of the game being played, it seems to be running at or close to full speed. With steam, it is just a clearly slower game that runs at roughly 1/2 to 2/3 normal speed, based on how long it takes tasks like harvest grass to complete. The steam version also has clear cases of input delay, which is not the case with the chrome demo at all. If you have any further questions for me, or things you want me to try, just send 'em my way!
  2. Using the beta test glcrash build, I am able to play don't starve with an intel GMA 965 express chipset video card on my laptop. The game loads to its main menu smoothly and launches the game smoothly. However, the game itself experiences significant lag with slower movement and input delays. This lag seems to be present inside both the game and the menus once a game has been started. When I played the demo in chrome the game only had very slight occasional lag: with opera the lag I experienced was an inconvenience, while with the glcrash steam build the lag makes the game unplayable considering I would be playing a long-term survival game at roughly half speed. If I had to guess, the lag in the gl crash steam build may be based on the open gl 2.1 workaround drawing upon processing power rather than graphics power, which based on the limited research I did on the subject can lead to poor game performance. This is a step in the right direction, but some further improvements would have to be made to make the steam version playable for me. Thanks for the work, and keep at it! I'll continue to test new glcrash builds as they become available, and report on them.
  3. My message is sent via the contact us page with the information you requested, and thank you and the Klei team for working on this issue. I very much look forward to being able to play your game, even in its current "in progress" state!
  4. I am aware of that Toaster Fu. I am only suggesting that chrome keys be given to the small segment of the population who have the game on steam where they can't run it, but don't have it on chrome where they can. I'm also trying to think of it from the business end: it may be simpler to give out some extra keys at this early stage, put a warning message about opengl 2.1 being required and a listing of what video cards are not supported because of this, and then provide a key chrome upon request after some form of verification for people who slip through the cracks beyond that point (this is where things can get murky, I admit); this seems more appealing as an outsider than however many man-hours it takes to permanently solve the opengl 2.1/old intel video cards issue. I should have worded my post more clearly in some parts, specifically I meant: With steam keys available to those that bought the game on chrome, it seems like you could have the reverse be true as well in certain cases determined by hardware limitations (new text is italicized). I'll edit in that change now, in fact. I guess to put my entire suggestion more simply, consider this example: I own two cars, and one breaks down. I could get the broken down car fixed for X amount of time or money, or I can use my other car. In my case, I have one broken car and another car that I can drive for about 15 minutes at a time . Ultimately though, I am only making this suggestion to try to be helpful, and I do see plenty that could go wrong with it. If you fine folks at Klei can get a workaround to this opengl 2.1/intel card issue I'd be just as happy (if not happier) than I would be playing it using chrome, and if I came across as some kind of socialist trying to spread keys to the masses it was not my intent.
  5. I was likewise unable to get the test build to work with an Intel Express 965 chipset, but the game demo does run in chrome with only slight lag. I will be suggesting this in a direct "Contact us" message as well, but a possible fix may be to give chrome keys to people that bought the game on steam and don't have access to Opengl 2.1 or higher due to having an old intel graphics card. Since many of these users will be laptop owners (like myself), swapping video cards isn't really a viable option. With steam keys available to those that bought the game on chrome, it seems like you could have the reverse be true as well in cases of hardware issues or limitations. While I can certainly see why you may not want to do that across the board for every steam user, you may want to make it as an option available upon request. The person requesting it could be required to provide their steam key, steam name, and google chrome login email, and then send the chrome key to that specific login email. I personally sought to acquire the steam version because it would be more convenient for me, but having a product that works is obviously a higher priority. That said, this is just a suggestion, and I am VERY relieved that you are aware of this issue and pursuing a solution. I'll be checking this thread regularly for updates, so please keep at it!
  6. Sorry for anyone who read this before I caught it . It was just another instance of what I posted earlier on this page, for some reason I wasn't seeing it as having posted at all and I went to post it again. Carry on!
  7. Jansoft88, I believe that both keys/copies you get by buying from steam will be steam copies. You may be able to turn a steam key into a chrome key. I thought I saw something about that somewhere, but I can't recall where. It may be best to email Klei directly about that, or to request a refund from steam if you thought you were buying a chrome key when you really weren't. I would like to humbly request a steam copy of Don't Starve. My mainstay computer of 3+ years finally went out of commission recently due to hardware issues. Since then I've been using a hand-me-down laptop for my computing needs, but I've gone from being able to run games like Skyrim and Civilization V to barely being able to run League of Legends on the lowest settings, and being unable to run most games that have any form of traditional 3D graphics (Orcs Must Die 2, for instance). The loss of Civ 5 is especially painful since I have over 450 hours played on it, and I very much miss it. I spend the majority of my free time gaming, and of late I've been reduced to trying to find browser flash games to fill the void. Based on my quick test of the Don't Starve demo in chrome my laptop can run the game with just occasional lag, which given Don't Starve's style wouldn't be hard to play around. With a steam copy I can also make sure that no other programs are running when I play, which will likely improve its performance. Buying Don't Starve isn't really an option for me since I am running on a very limited budget right now. I have a bachelor's degree in creative writing, and I've found just enough writing, editing, and tutoring work to keep me afloat, but between bills and student loans I just don't have discretionary income. The good thing about the work I'm doing is that I make a relatively good hourly wage, but it is difficult to wrangle up enough freelance work to keep me as busy as I'd like. With how things are now I have a fairly large amount of free time that I can only spend playing sub-par games. The games that have stepped up since my main system went down have been roguelikes like Binding of Isaac and FTL. Don't Starve seems to fit that roguelike mold in many areas, and I've always been partial to off-beat, indie, and survival games in general so it seems like I would enjoy the game for a long time. If you do select me for a copy please feel free to send me a direct message on this forum, or I can provide my email and steam name upon request. I apologize if this post is lengthier than you'd like, but I wanted to explain my situation in some detail to show that your copy would be going to a good home. Thanks for your consideration and for your generosity in general to give away your extra copy for free!