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  1. Bug - Disappearing Items - Steam

    DrMaple is correct, if I repeat the procedure and move away from the trap, the problem goes away.
  2. Bug - Disappearing Items - Steam

    While I'm not entirely certain that this covers all of the item disappearances I've experienced, I've been able to fully reproduce this contrived circumstance. Steps to reproduce: 1. Build a trap. 2. Have some item in the top-left item slot. 3. Place a trap. 4. Scare a rabbit into the trap. 5. As the trap falls, sadly watch your top-left item disappear. Note: It's generally easiest to perform 3 & 4 simultaneously by placing the trap just above a rabbit hole. I have a saved game state that can make this happen repeatedly. Where can I find it so I can continue playing? Do you want it? If so, How shall I send it? I have a video of the problem occurring. Do you want it? If so, how shall I send it?
  3. Items in item slots are being lost or overwritten by new items. This occurs most often when my character is at maximum capacity and attempts to pick up another item. It infrequent enough that it only happened twice in 3 hours of play. I often don't notice that it has happened while I'm farming, but only when I stop to change tasks. After stopping, I have verified my game cache and found no errors or updates. I understand that this might be a bit tricky to catch, so if you need additional information of some kind, let me know.