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  1. Mandragora art by Xylax

    It's a quote from one of his live streams. He found it for the first time and called it a talking carrot If I remember correctly. And despite all the people telling him otherwise, he insisted it's a carrot!
  2. Low health after saving the game

    In my case it's random. One time though, that's for sure, game saved my progress when I had full health. Then I got hit and my health was 40% or so. I closed the game, and open it again to start that day from lat save, and I had 40% life again, untill I ate something and it became full again.
  3. Hi, when I start the game and select "continue" to continue my previously saved game, I start with 80% (more or less) less health than I had before closing the game. If I take some damage, for example from monsters, everything comes back to normal. Once, I started the game with 0 health, so I died imediately but the game crashed, and after 14 days none of my xp was counted. I'm playing Steam version on Windows 7 x64.