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  1. [Chrome] Redownloading zip files

    same issue. Demo at least always download packages again.
  2. [Steam] Laggy, slowmo gameplay Same problem with same video card: intel graphics.
  3. Poor game performance in steam version.

    This is not laptop configuration.
  4. Chrome version works just fine (Demo). Steam version is much more slower. laptop probook 6550b with stock configuration. Windows 7 64-bit. i5 2.40GHz 6GBRAm Intel® HD Graphics
  5. I have same problem. Crash on game start on both computers! And chrome versions works perfect. And the most pity think that I played demo on chrome and thought that if i will buy steam version i will got chrome version.( Free space on c is 800 mb. I got latest drivers. NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS My notebook: Game also crashes on start: Intel® HD Graphics. (ProBook 6550b)