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  1. The pathfinding allows players to use walls to funnel enemies into traps. I don't know how you'd have a base without walls and defend it.
  2. The addition of doors/gates would pretty much make houses. All you're missing is a roof.
  3. I really like the addition of walls, and I would like the addition of a house.I set up a house-like enclosure with some stone walls. It makes it look less like you just have an odd assortment of gear lying around a campfire.I don't know how many people survived long periods of time in the wilds without building an appropriate shelter, anyway, and it could potentially be an essential if they decide to include seasons. I think they should add more threats to the game instead of cutting more material.
  4. I like this idea the most, and I think the idea of making it so you have to maintain your clothing is kind of mundane, even if realistic.
  5. I think this is a really good update.The insanity meter fleshes out the game much better, and it fits the aesthetic perfectly.Definitely heading in the right direction.
  6. Yea, the hammer would be better functioning like the pitchfork. Taking into consideration how effective the hammer is, how valuable the things its meant to destroy are, the unequal return rate of the material of broken items, and the fact that the whole point of the quick store option is to make storage quick and simple; it makes sense that the hammer would be bound on the right mouse button.I don't know of any argument otherwise.