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  1. [Steam] How do i save?

    Hmm, ok. My saved game is still there.
  2. [Steam] How do i save?

    I have deactivated and re-activated steam cloud and restarted my PC and the save game is still there, i wonder if it will be tomorrow still there?
  3. [Steam] How do i save?

    This save problem is kinda strange. I can quit the game after its saved, quit steam and restart my PC and the saved game is still there. But if I do that and want to continue playing at the next day, then the saved game is just gone. Maybe its a steam cloud problem?
  4. [Steam] How do i save?

    Didn't work.
  5. [Steam] How do i save?

    Same problem here, I played yesterday for several hours and wanted to continue today, but the SaveGame is gone. :cry::cry: