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  1. The GLdev build on steam worked on my intel chipset! I did notice that right clicking does not drain durability from tools. (Maybe intentional since right click actions are slow?)
  2. This whitescreen error you have is exactly what I get too. Its the same problem that pretty much all of the intel chipsets are having. Due to the nature of this bug, it may took a little while longer than most bugs to fix it. In the mean time there are some fixes that have worked for some people here: For example try running under windows xp compatibility and maximize the game's window. That has worked for some folks.
  3. I think you need OpenGL 2.1.2 not just 2.1.0? I am not entirely certain because the error box says 2.1 or greater, but perhaps the error box meant to say 2.1.2 or greater?
  4. Steam's crash dump file: I updated my graphics driver to the latest before getting that crash. I also checked my graphics drivers for the version of OpenGL it supports: I tried running the game in compatibility mode under every option available. I also tried checking the 256 color option. <--- this made things interesting With 256 color something popped up about needing OpenGL 2.1 support, and then I clicked okay and another box popped up. Both of those boxes are shown here: So I thought I would try opening this in OllyDbg to try to track down when exactly this happens but there is just way too much to step through before the issue arrises. I would be more than happy to provide further help tracking down this bug, so that I can enjoy the game Sooner. I am one semester shy of having a bachelor's degree for software engineering. I say that just to let you know you can throw all kinds of complicated requests my direction and I can understand and comply. Thanks for working on this issue so diligently! I'm sure the other intel chipset users appreciate your diligence just as much as I do.