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  1. by saying copyrighted i didnt mean litteraly, I ment the part if I can make videos to this game, or take screenshots. for example, minecraft and terraria lets players record videos and take screenshots without the need to pay\ ask for the rights. while battlefield 3 \ cod only machinima directors can upload videos from this game
  2. Is this game copyrighted? Iv'e made a tutorial for Don't starve and the Monetization request got rejected.. Ive asked the maker of the song I used, if its copyrighted and he said its not, so am I not allowed to do videos in this game?
  3. Found out about it only at the end of the video xD this game needs a tutorial, at least for basic controls
  4. Uhmm im not sure if its a bug or suppost to be like that but if the hive is on fire, you can attack it and the bees wont even care example: 2:56
  5. Sorry for not having a mic at the moment, but this game is just so good, so I coudn't wait until I get one and made a tutorial for it ^^'